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Please join me in welcoming TimGaming's newest moderator: puplova2014! Since joining a year and a half ago, Pup has been extremely active in the community. She is always willing to lend a hand or help new users learn commands. I think you'll agree, she'll make a great addition to the TimGaming staff! Welcome Pup!
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*Meeting Notes Posted In Thread*

We are overdue for a Town Hall meeting, so let's meet!

Date: Saturday, June 10th
Time: 3:00 pm UK, 10:00a EDT, 7:00a PDT
Location: Town Hall Building @ Spawn

Topics include:
State of the Server
Growing the Player Base
Achieving Rank

We're all in this together, so bring your thinking caps. :)
by Hannurr at 7:28 AM (778 Views / 3 Likes) 2 Comments
Greetings Knights and Monarchs! Jesters, Bards and all!

We invite you to Tim Gaming's official medieval event! So dust of your helmets, grab your mutton and ale and join us this Saturday for a day of fun and games!

There will be three main games to take part in:
A jousting tournament,
A dungeon maze race,
A game of King-of-the-Tower!

Be there or be thrown in the dungeons!

8:30 UK,
3:30 Eastern
12:30 Pacific
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This is great news. However his is their first ever snapshot release for minecraft. So much much errors to be expected.

To note there's no way we can go to 1.12 yet anyways. I just did a test on a mirrior of tg. and I cant even load the server list without crashing thanks to some motd stuff. As well as 90% of all plugins take a crap during server start. This includes our CORE plugins such as world guard and such.

TO NOTE. 1.12pre2 spigot JUST came out so I highly doubt any plugins updated yet. They probably wont yet until the full release occurs.

I just wanted everyone to know the spigot progress towards 1.12!

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Urgent notice - TimGaming will be down for 1 - 3 hours while server maintenance is performed. I will try to get it back up and running as soon as the maintenance is done.

Both the game and the server will be down, so many will not see this notice until it is too late. Sorry for the inconvenience!