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Saturday October 1st Pick up you spatulas, dust off your aprons and prepare for a delicious dose of cakey fun!


Saturday October First 7pm BST!

Event Aim:

To make as many cakes as possible in the set time!

How to play:

When the event starts the doors of a GIANT cake will open revealing a cakey maze of puzzles and fun! You and your team will need to explore the cake maze to collect ingredients hidden in chests. Some chest only contain one item, some contain more items, it's totally random. When you have ingredients find your way back out and make some cakes in your team kitchen! You can go back into the maze as many times as you want!

When you've finished crafting a cake place it in your team kitchen!

Some chests require team work to get to so comment below if you'd like to play and what colour team you'd like to be on. The maximum number of players per team is FOUR plus one reserve in case a...
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Today, just before 11am EDT on Saturday the 24th of September 2016, TimGaming officially opened its doors to its newest map, Map 6. There were just a few glitches that had to be addressed, but as of 6 pm most of the issues seem to have been addressed. The new spawn was well received, and more improvements are in the works. We will continue to work on

There are still matters of policy that need to be worked out. For the time being, everyone has access to compass. In the near future, it will have to be earned. The economy is still gold based, as it was before, and the economy seems to be operating as it has in maps past.

Next weekend we are thinking of having a cake event. Players need to register in teams of four. More details will follow here on the forums.
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It is official... We will be launching the new map on Saturday, September 24th!

Progress on the new map has been good the past few weekends. Spawn will have the essentials: A tutorial, wilderness and mining world portals. We even verified that the Subway plugin works (mostly)!

We thought we'd have a little fun before the grand opening. Beginning on Wednesday, the 21st, we're going to let loose and have a TimGaming Purge! Protections will fall and PVP will be enabled! Tell your friends... Three whole days of complete mayhem!!!

Stay tuned for more!
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Hey guys. Just pointing out we do now have a community facebook page. It is located at this address

Please note we are looking for editors for the community page!
If interested please let us know in a reply below!

As well if any moderators would like to assist I will be more than happy to set you up as a page moderator

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Thank you everyone who came and played! lots of fun prizes were won :D

As we all await the map reset this current map has become a little quiet and slow. To combat this and get us all playing again I'm arranging a fun game where you can win timonians for the next map!
Come along at 7pm 8PM! (GMT) On Saturday to play!

There will be an arena which will be filled with chest, some of them hidden, some in hard to reach places. There will be no protections and you'll have 20 minutes to climb, dig, run, jump to reach these chests. Some chests will be empty. Some chests will have small prizes but a few of them will have special objects in them which will be worth timonions on the next map!

The only rules are NO COMPASSES and NO KILLING OTHER PLAYERS I'll try to make the game as safe as possible but you my die by natural events like falling.

See you Saturday!