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Hello plebeians of Timcraft, I hope you're ready for this contest because it starts NOW.

How it works is as follows:

You complete tasks on the server, and the people who complete the most of a given task each day are awarded a set amount of points. When the contest ends, the people with the most awarded points from each category (and possibly an overall winner) will get their rewards.

The tasks are as follows:
  • Voting for Timgaming at http://minecraftservers.net/vote.php?id=1213
  • Killing other players during a specific time period (Between 2PM - 5PM PST)
  • Mining diamond or gold ore during a specific time period (Between 12PM - 3PM PST)
The points given out each day are as follows:

  1. 40 Points
  2. 30 Points
  3. 20 Points
(All other placings will earn you 10 points)

  1. 20 Points
  2. 15 Points
  3. 10 Points
(All other...
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So instead of getting the plugin that needed to be done for the competition, I spent my day rewriting a plugin I built a while ago called "RegionModule".

What this plugin does, is it allows us to let you make your own protections while still maintaining some sort of assuredness that we're not having useless protections being made and that players aren't overlapping others.

Anyhow, the big changes are as follows:

  • /childlot is no longer a command, it has been phased into the /protect command
  • /protect now automatically expands the protection to the correct height on the map
  • Much more informative error messages (will tell you which protections you overlap)
  • /namecolor has been changed to be of more use to players
  • You can now have up to 2 awaiting protections (subject to change)
So now to explain how the new /protect command works:

Regular Protections:

Select two points using the wand tool (The wooden...
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Tonight* should usher in our new contest, one that you do not want to miss out on.

This contest will involve being an active member on the server, and it will run between tonight* and the release of the 1.3 Release Candidate.

The reward will be great. I will not be detailing the reward until we smooth out the finer points of this contest, but I can promise you a custom badge on the forums alongside whatever we've already cooked up.

Look out in the near future for the full details of this contest. For now, sit tight.

*Assuming I stop being lazy and finish the plugin that we need to facilitate this contest

P.S. For the people that won the contest a while back "Design your own plugin" or whatever, I apologize for not handing out the rewards or the badges on the forum. Contact me in private chat and I'll get to it right away, as well as upload the winning plugin to the server come 1.3.
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I just upgraded the website to Xenforo's new version 1.1.3 as well as updated the Minecraft theme template.

If anything seems odd/different/not working please post in here.
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Now that we've got that covered... With 1.3 coming, and changing up the map generation code again, the time has come that we could probably use another map reset! Our first map ran from February 15th, 2011, to September 15th, 2011, a total of 7 months. Our current map has run from September 15th until now, a total of over 10 months! Since then, the map has gotten very crowded, and it's good to start fresh once in a while!

Don't worry! None of your buildings will be lost! We'll keep it around, just like we did with the 1.7 map(And we'll actually put it up RIGHT AWAY this time! Promise!)! Here are the details on exactly what will be happening. If you were here for the 1.7 -> 1.0 transition, then you'll remember how that went, this will be very similar to that!

  • First, we're giving everyone plenty of notice. We don't want to surprise people by having...