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by PurelySatanic at 4:51 PM (1141 Views / 0 Likes) 0 Comments
I've just enabled the email notification feature for the server. Currently it's routed through my SMTP server (The email will be recieved from info@turbogrimoire.com) however in the next day or so we'll have the proper email setup and it'll switch to that. (Presumably the email address will be email@timgaming.com)

Options for email settings can be found here.


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Hey there Timcraft, we've updated to the new site layout so bear with us while we make the switch.

It should be a rather seamless transition but if you experience any issues, please drop me a private message and detail the problem.

Also please visit the Personal Details page and link your Minecraft account to your forum account using the ingame command /verify.

A big shoutout to Cagray for donating the money to get this new website, we all really appreciate your support.