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by PurelySatanic at 3:27 AM (1475 Views / 0 Likes) 12 Comments
So, I'm currently in the midst of updating the Subway Plugin... And by updating I mean completely rewriting my original version.

What this means to the players is that everything will become much more streamlined including more informative notifications as to where you're headed, etc. It'll also mean for us easier generation of subways as we'll be able to automatically create as many as we want and have them hook up seamlessly.

However, there is a downside:

Because of the inherent inaccuracy of humans, some of the current subways are not exactly 1000 blocks away from each other. This is bad for me, because automatic generation will put them at the exact position they should be.

What this means for you is: If you have a home that is "near" (Probably 5-10 blocks in any given direction) from a subway, there is a possibility it may be taken out by the automatic generation of the new one.

This sucks, but it's something that can't be helped....
by halfdane at 12:30 PM (2446 Views / 0 Likes) 23 Comments
The 1.2.4 update is here, and it is now safe to update.

A lot of annoying bugs were fixed and some new features were added including:
  • Chat history, chat editing, chat scrolling, autocomplete for player names, and copy and paste.
  • Wooden planks now are the color of the logs they were taken from.
  • New sandstone blocks
  • Shift+f3 now doesn't have graphs
  • Cats now sit on your keyboard
See the link for full details: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Version_history
by PurelySatanic at 3:07 PM (10731 Views / 0 Likes) 74 Comments
Hey there,

I just wanted to get an up to date overview of what players would like to see in Timcraft, or what they would like to see removed from Timcraft. It's all open for discussion here - but keep it on topic.

Some examples:

  • Plugin Additions
  • Plugin Removals
  • Event Additions
  • Website Additions
Throw your ideas in here, and I'll browse over them and we'll see if we can do anything about it.

Note: I've added a poll for my own interest, and it's not reflective of anything happening on the server.
by timsandtoms at 5:30 AM (2268 Views / 0 Likes) 9 Comments
This has come up a lot lately. If you are not in a PVP area, do not burn other players. That's all there is to it, the ONLY place to kill other players is a PVP area. Lava, fire, gravel, fire aspect bow, TNT, luring mobs, I don't care. DO. NOT. DO. IT. Got it? Doesn't matter if you just come across them in the wilderness, if they're in your house, on your lawn, petting your cat, or sleeping with you in your double bed. If you do, whatever they lost is coming out of your pocket to replace, and you'll get yourself a tempban for a couple days. This is a game where the main focus is building, and seeing what others have built, and I'll not have you guys all trying to tell everyone else where they can and can't explore, as long as they aren't interfering. After someone decided they wanted to start blacklisting folks on their city last map, it just all spiraled out of control and started causing massive headaches for the mods, and drama for all the players. We're not going to have any of...
by timsandtoms at 6:01 PM (1181 Views / 1 Likes) 0 Comments
Forgot to post these earlier. Fixed the bug we had where nothing was growing/decaying. Turns out it was just a minor bug in a Spout build, just updated and that went away. Also, TimGaming's email system works now. That means you can actually get emails to recover/reset your forum password if you forget it, you won't need one of us to reset it! If you're someone who's had me reset it before, you'll understand how awesome that is, because I don't check my email often enough ;)