1. Trying to use the shop? Use /shop tutorial in-game for a quick overview. Visit here for a command overview.


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Forgot to post these earlier. Fixed the bug we had where nothing was growing/decaying. Turns out it was just a minor bug in a Spout build, just updated and that went away. Also, TimGaming's email system works now. That means you can actually get emails to recover/reset your forum password if you forget it, you won't need one of us to reset it! If you're someone who's had me reset it before, you'll understand how awesome that is, because I don't check my email often enough ;)
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I've noticed there has been some concern over the increments that are available for the donation box. I intend to correct this issue by changing the input to be user defined, rather than a dropdown. Hopefully this will clear up some issues.


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I've just enabled the email notification feature for the server. Currently it's routed through my SMTP server (The email will be recieved from info@turbogrimoire.com) however in the next day or so we'll have the proper email setup and it'll switch to that. (Presumably the email address will be email@timgaming.com)

Options for email settings can be found here.


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Hey there Timcraft, we've updated to the new site layout so bear with us while we make the switch.

It should be a rather seamless transition but if you experience any issues, please drop me a private message and detail the problem.

Also please visit the Personal Details page and link your Minecraft account to your forum account using the ingame command /verify.

A big shoutout to Cagray for donating the money to get this new website, we all really appreciate your support.