1. Trying to use the shop? Use /shop tutorial in-game for a quick overview. Visit here for a command overview.


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There is a bunch of gold buried somewhere on TimGaming. I'm going to tell you exactly where it is. There are five steps required to figure out the location. You need all five steps in order to find the treasure! I will post one step per day. Good Luck!

Step 1: Stand on top of the Portal Tower in Spawn. Stand directly on the Sea Lantern and write down your position. (You can use the /coords command to see your position.)
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Want to get a feel for what is important to you guys. How important is McMMO to you?
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This month's celebration will have the theme "Christmas in July". Come join us at Noon Eastern time on Saturday, July 23rd for games, and activities!
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Hey everyone, here is an extensive information thread about "Why not 1.10 yet?"
Please note that this post can be updated at any time for any reason, from now to the future

First off I need to cover some very basic principles that Timgaming has followed since the move to map 2 and so forth.

TimGaming never does a full blown version update such as 1.9->1.10 for example unless the following conditions are met. I will break these down into categories, then each category will have sub descriptions. This list has also grown over time.
  1. Stability
    1. TimGaming WILL NOT update to a newer version of Spigot if it is a Pre-Release, Alpha or Beta unless it is deemed "stable". Usually TimGaming will wait for a "Release Stable...
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We will be having a Town Hall meeting at Noon Eastern, on Saturday July 16th. Our agenda will include:
  • Server finances and operations
  • Community events and festivals
  • Ways to grow the player base
I hope to see you there... we need your feedback and ideas. All are welcome to attend. As I did in June, I'll post the minutes from the meeting here.