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by pilotkip at 6:42 AM (1117 Views / 2 Likes) 8 Comments
We will be having a Town Hall meeting at Noon Eastern, on Saturday July 16th. Our agenda will include:
  • Server finances and operations
  • Community events and festivals
  • Ways to grow the player base
I hope to see you there... we need your feedback and ideas. All are welcome to attend. As I did in June, I'll post the minutes from the meeting here.
by pilotkip at 4:55 AM (2164 Views / 0 Likes) 10 Comments
I would like to thank everyone who came together to make the June festival great! Though there were some hiccups, it was really great to see so many people come together to have fun!

Pictures from last night follow!
by pilotkip at 3:52 PM (989 Views / 3 Likes) 2 Comments
Join us on June 25th 8pm Eastern to celebrate the revival of TimGaming. There will be cakes, games, competitions, prizes, fireworks and MORE!
by Hannurr at 9:52 AM (1492 Views / 0 Likes) 13 Comments
Hello Friends!

As we ALL seemed to agree in the town hall meeting the server is what it is because of the community! We need to celebrate this community by having events and festivals and games to bring us all together even more as well as to show new players that we are SO MUCH MORE than just a generic minecraft server. We are a family.
So, from now on there will be monthly events going on - These will be everything from themed parties, to big games, whatever the server wants; we will do!
But we need a team to make this happen!
Anyone who wants to get involved with this post on here with ideas of what we can do, and what you'd like to help out with, everything from gathering materials, to building arenas, coming up with content etc. This is OUR server, we'll make it Awesome.

by Hannurr at 9:38 AM (766 Views / 1 Likes) 3 Comments
To celebrate the revival of TimGaming and to worship our new overload there will be a HUGE celebration on Saturday June 25th at 7pm Central time! There will be cakes, games, competitions, prizes, fireworks and MORE! It will be hosted at Zonkoland and be the first of MANY events and festivals.
Hope as Many people as Possible can be there!