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Coin Drops is a plugin created by Fahlur in which players kill hostile mobs and acquire money drops from the hostile mobs.

Coin Drops is a plugin in which players kill hostile mobs and acquire money drops from the hostile mobs.

How do you obtain coin drops?

To obtain coin drops you simply have to kill a hostile mob and they drop coins!

Why are their 3 colors of coin?

Each color of coin represents a specific amount of currency.

Coin Color Min Value Max Value
Copper $0.01 $10.00
Silver $12.00 $99.00
Gold $100.00 -

How much money do these coins give?

Each coin has a varying amount of in game currency. However all hostile mobs drop between $0.00 and their max value drop.

Hostiles Max Value Drop
Ender Dragon $1,500.00
Warden $250.00
Wither $100.00
Evoker $50.00
Ravager $50.00
Piglin Brute $25.00
Ghast $10.00
Other $5.00

Looting Enchantment

Looting actually effects the amount of additional currency you can acquire with the coin drops!

The current looting modifier is 0.01

Math for looting bonus is:

{looting modifier} x {looting level} = {looting bonus}

To determine the actual amount of additional money you would get is the following math:

{money drop} x {looting bonus}

Max Drops Per Minute (MDPM)

There is however a max number of coin drops you can acquire per minute. You generally will not notice this if just running around killing mobs,

however a large farm such as an ender ender will notice this cap.

The current max coin drops per minute is set at 15

Restricted Activity Drops (RAD)

There are some situations where mobs will not drop coin, this is in attempt to prevent over powered farms.

Currently the following activities restrict how coins are dropped

  • Slimes larger than their smallest size will not drop coin
  • Nether portal spawned mobs will not drop coin
  • Raiders do not drop coin, however Ravagers in a raid will.
  • All mobs that have spawned above the nether roof will not drop coin no matter what you do with them.
  • Mobs spawned from a monster spawner will not drop coin
  • Endermen in the End do not drop coin

Item Recycler


The Item Recycler is a special hopper capable of turning any item to currency.

Currently the Item Recycler turns 1 item into $0.015625. Which means 64 items will be $1.00

This item is useful for things like overflow protection of farms and such. There is no such thing as an item,

worth more than any other item with the Item Recycler.

Currently the only way to acquire an Item Recycler is from the Artifact Loot Crate from the Boss Raid Wing.