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A plugin created by Fahlur inspired by the WayShrines from Elder Scrolls.

The ability to teleport from shrine to shrine. If you find one of these go to it and discover it so you can teleport to it from another WayShrine!

Warp Scroll

A 1 time use scroll, allows you to teleport to any shrines you have discovered.



Bounded Warp Scroll

A 1 time use scroll, when you shift+left click a shrine, this scroll is then bounded to that shrine and you can return to that shrine by using the scroll.



Death Return Scroll

A 1 time use scroll, this scroll allows you to teleport to your last known death location 1 time.



Discovery Scroll

A 1 time use scroll, this scroll if bounded to a shrine acts as a remote discovery. Great if you want to help your friends discover shrines out in the world without having to go to them directly!



Warp Stone

The warp stone is a handy little item with unlimited uses. Allows you to teleport to any shrine you have ever discovered.

When using this Warp Stone it is to be noted it has a cooldown between uses. This cooldown is 3 minutes.



Way Stone

This waystone when placed, allows you to teleport to other shrines you have discovered. You can also teleport to this shrine from other shrines, scrolls, or warp stone as well!



Twisted Warp Stone

This warpstone is 1 time use and will teleport you to 1 random undiscovered shrine.


This item has no recipe and is only acquired via the Legendary Loot Crate from the Boss Raid Wing.