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The Server Is Not Corrupt!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by fastrunner2, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. fastrunner2 Distinguished Member

    Oh my gosh, I'm going to try and not bring up that horrible disaster of a report but good grief the amount of whining from people on the sever in ridiculous. "THE SERVER IS CORRUPT BLAH BLAH BLAH" and I would like to say that I agree with the points of the old players when they talk about the server being corrupt but, I can't because the mod are doing an ok job it's you guys who are messing up. You guys are always saying that stuff and making up clans that have to do with the server being corrupt and it's you guys! In honesty there are some things that the mods could stop doing like creating more mods because the server barley has many people as it is. You don't need 2 mods every couple of month just leave what we have. And another thing, I don't think certain people realize timgaming is not a democracy where you get to vote out the leaders, it's made it so the mods have more power than the player which is a good thing because it's a lot less relaxing for the players. In all honesty you should never actually get annoyed by anything! If you want to talk then talk and relax but when someone higher than you calls you respond, when your parents call you or say something to you I doubt you totally ingnore them and if you do then ok whatever but 99.99999 percent of me is positive you don't. Also, you can literally never get into a fight with a mod you can go until you never ever have to even talk to one if you just mind your business. My points in this thread is the mods are doing an ok job and yea there is so stuff they can fix but it's the thing the old players who think they are fixing the server mess it up.

    P.S. Sorry for the bad grammar it's 2.a.m in the morning
  2. cactusman777 Exalted Member

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    Did or did naemr not say to leave this topic alone?
  3. XxsnowfifteenxX Distinguished Member

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  4. michaelfoley Moderator

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    "corruption" was a scare tactic created by the moderator team to incite fear into everybody else because we have nothing better to do.

    Damnit fastrunner,
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  5. Pupps90 Distinguished Member

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    When I brought it up, I was more referring to GBHitman who has long since been taken care of
  6. cactusman777 Exalted Member

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  7. naemr Moderator

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    *Watches cactoos' dog slide gif for 10 min, forgets what this thread was about and moves on.*
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  8. michaelfoley Moderator

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    *does the same*
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  9. missionary3 Distinguished Member

    From now on, everyone apply bold letters and indent every now and then.
    Reading a large chunk of words is like watching grass grow.
    I just can't...
  10. McChickenEX Distinguished Member

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    I can write a paragraph and recall all the facts I want at 2 a.m, but oh shit if I have to spell.!
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  11. sgtspaghetti Distinguished Member

    What happened to timgaming. Is there anybody out there?
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  12. Feldoras Member

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    The server may not be corrupt but some of the other players are. I've had horses going missing on protections, ironically as soon as I set up my own rather than buying plots the theft stopped. Didn't get any screenshots so I can't report but buyer beware. Count your shit I had seven of them (five of which I went out and egged myself) and now I only have two. All in all close to 35k lost. If my last two go missing (they're penned up on my protection and are tamed) I'm quitting the sever.
  13. Cooperade Distinguished Member

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    If I posted a thread that said the server IS corrupt, it would get deleted. (Proof the server is corrupt).
  14. timsandtoms Administrationator

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    It's true. We're all in on it. We started this server 3+ years ago as a clever ruse just to one day fuck with you, and start deleting your posts on the forum. Those 30k users last map? In on it. naemr? In on it. Sirhil? In on it.
  15. Patty_Melt pooty pls

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    Cooperade, I'm not going to delete your posts unless you break the rules, but I will tell you that your tinfoil hat is on a bit too tight and you shouldn't make wild accusations without at least SOME evidence to back them up.
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  16. Cooperade Distinguished Member

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    Did I break the rules when I reported tbritts for greifing? cause that got deleted..
    You want evidence? Be careful what you wish for!!! Here's MichaelFoley burning me for no damn reason:

    If I were the admin of this server, or even a mod, shit like this wouldn't be happening. I say we demote foley.... but that's not gonna happen because the server is corrupt
  17. Cooperade Distinguished Member

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    Ahhh. Check out this thread.. obviously no corruption here lol: http://timgaming.com/threads/7401/
    2012-11-24 00:06:34 [INFO] [G]ThePinkMist: That was not awesome.
    2012-11-24 00:06:39 [INFO] [G]flametech29: I was laughing.
    2012-11-24 00:06:43 [INFO] [G][JrMod]Tobiasredfox: Anyways Pink
    2012-11-24 00:06:51 [INFO] [G]Cooperade: michael doesn't deserve to be part of the immature modaratorship that happened
    2012-11-24 00:07:05 [INFO] mwake456 issued server command: /region remove screwodin
    2012-11-24 00:07:07 [INFO] [G][JrMod]Tobiasredfox: I was in the clear to Kick as of Mwake saying Anyone who talks over a mod, gets kicked
    2012-11-24 00:07:09 [INFO] [G]ThePinkMist: Anyways Tobias, you're wrong for kicking me. You should not be handling such things in global.
    2012-11-24 00:07:20 [INFO] [G]Cooperade: Yo mods it's called global for a reason.. everyone has the right to talk in it.
    2012-11-24 00:07:26 [INFO] [G]Cooperade: It's like putting someone to jail for telling Obama to talk about confidential things in private and he refuses hahah...
    2012-11-24 00:07:27 [INFO] [G][Mod]mwake456: pink
    2012-11-24 00:07:28 [INFO] [G][JrMod]naemr: ThePinkMist
    2012-11-24 00:07:29 [INFO] [G][JrMod]Tobiasredfox: You are not a mod here, Pink. You are a player. Toad was not going to take it to private
    2012-11-24 00:07:50 [INFO] [G]Cooperade: you could've at least tried to ask him to take it to local.
    2012-11-24 00:07:51 [INFO] [G]flametech29: omg, you should make an interigation world
    2012-11-24 00:07:55 [INFO] [G]ThePinkMist: So that gives you the excuse to not attempt at making is "private"?
    2012-11-24 00:07:56 [INFO] [G][Mod]mwake456: pink i'm sorry you did not recieve the message
    2012-11-24 00:07:58 [INFO] [G]MrAlpacaz: You guys are maaaaad
    2012-11-24 00:07:59 [INFO] [G]flametech29: where there's like a lamp
    2012-11-24 00:08:01 [INFO] [G]flametech29: and shit.
    2012-11-24 00:08:04 [INFO] [G][JrMod]Tobiasredfox: We did attempt it
    2012-11-24 00:08:05 [INFO] [G][Mod]michaelfoley: Sounds like the community wanted him banned and now we can have a nice day
    2012-11-24 00:08:14 [INFO] [G][Mod]mwake456: that i told the server to be quiet
    2012-11-24 00:08:31 [INFO] [G]Cooperade: not 100% of the community
    2012-11-24 00:08:38 [INFO] [G]ThePinkMist: We'll see how this unfolds.
    2012-11-24 00:09:46 [INFO] ThePinkMist issued server command: /tell cooperade
    2012-11-24 00:09:50 [INFO] ThePinkMist -> Cooperade: Worst mods ever?
    2012-11-24 00:09:55 [INFO] Cooperade issued server command: /tell thepink close to it
    2012-11-24 00:09:55 [INFO] Cooperade -> ThePinkMist: close to it
  18. timsandtoms Administrationator

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    That doesn't have any context to it, so I can't really comment.
    That bit you quoted was something they were talked to about. All mods have the ability to kick people from channels, and they should have used that to force him into Local chat, kicking others for using Global chat was not okay, and a very poor judgement call on their part. Doing a bad job in a specific case is far different from corruption.
  19. cactusman777 Exalted Member

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    and now his watch is over
  20. xmillons70x Distinguished Member

    Previous map, mods griefed the shit out of my stuff, only haf the cases were ever dealt with. They even told me not to say anything, to keep it on the down low....

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