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Arda- Hobbiton And The World.

Discussion in 'Clans' started by KnightZack60, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. KnightZack60 Knighteray

    Minecraft Username:
    Information for my clan (Arda)

    Reason: This clan was established mainly for the town Hobbiton and any future LOTR ideas that come to mind. Our other purpose is to help other clans finish their projects/towns/whatevers. If it means donating money or donating time, we'll help!

    How to Apply/join: All people who have a plot in Hobbiton are given a chance to join. If you don't have a plot in Hobbiton but still wish to join, i'll ask you a series of questions ingame. MSG me ingame any questions you have about this.

    Clan home: As of now, our clan home is Hobbiton. But it might change in the future, will update if we do.

    I'm happy to answer any other questions about the Clan in the thread or ingame, thanks!
  2. cactusman777 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    What does it stand for / mean?
  3. KnightZack60 Knighteray

    Minecraft Username:
    Forgot about this, thanks!

    Meaning behind the word "Arda":
    For those of you who have read The Silmarillion or Unfinished Tales (both by J.R.R Tolkien) you would know that the word means "world" and is the name of the world in which the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings series are based.
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  4. missionary3 Distinguished Member

    Thank you for my promotion. I am glad to be a part of this clan and hope to see it flourish!
  5. KnightZack60 Knighteray

    Minecraft Username:
    Currently working on our new city, Erebor. When we have more done i'll post some pictures.

    Project Leader: Lonewasp
    Project Co-Leader: KnightZack60
    Manager: Spot open (Mail me in-game for info)
    Manager #2: Spot open (Mail me in-game for info)
  6. Avernism Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Are you still building? I'd love to make a hobbit hole and work on Erebor. There's a link to my planet minecraft pics in my profile if you want to see my builds.
  7. KnightZack60 Knighteray

    Minecraft Username:
    Haha, this was on our last map and my chief architect has left minecraft for irl reasons. I wish I could pursue both of these cities but due to the reset i've lost access to both. I do admire your building though and if I ever plan on doing more LoTR based cities. I'll be sure contact you. Cheers!
  8. Avernism Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I s'pose I could just start a little hobbiton on my own. I'll let people know when I get started and folks can join if they like. I build somewhat sporadically as life gets in the way so it's best for me not to make a major committment.
  9. KnightZack60 Knighteray

    Minecraft Username:

    Ranks for Arda 2.0:

    More detailed version along with chart:
    Man: Rank given to new members upon joining.
    Hobbit: Giving to players who have earned the trust of a superior and is ready to work on basic projects and tasks.
    Elder Hobbit: Trusted by advisors with more difficult tasks given by superiors. Once a Elder Hobbit you can choose which rank you want to pursue further or simply continue as a Elder Hobbit until you made a decision.
    Man of Dale: Trader of the clan, gets us our materials to build from trading, buying, or collecting.
    Lord of Dale: Lead trader, sets what the Men of Dale need to collect and how much money to give them to achieve the quota, sets the budget for the clans supplies and collects them.
    Beorning: Trusted to do any task given but has no special strong suit. E.G. working with Master Elfs on building a monument but can also work with the Lord of Dale on supplying materials.
    Elf: The first building rank, works with Master Elf's to complete building ideas given by The Istari and Tom, works underneath a Master Elf.
    Master Elf: Lead builders of the clan. They can either create their own blueprints and submit them to Tom or is given an assignment by The Istari to complete, employ Elf's to help them build for larger projects and are independent in their ideas. Always less than normal elf's.
    Dwarven Smith: A Dwarven Smith works closely with the Men of Dale on supplying tools for the Elves and other members to use. If supplying for a massive project (eg: city), will be paid to give tools.
    Ent: Pretty much a Park Ranger for the clan, makes sure the cities and other areas aren't griefed and look good. Report any wrongdoings to the Istari or Tom and can kick players out of the clan for breaking any rules.
    The Istari: Council of 5 that leads over the clan and it's well being. You cannot go from being a Elder Hobbit or Beorning to the council, you must hold a position in between at once point (Dwarven smith, Lord of Dale, Ent, or Master Elf)
    Tom Bombadil: Leader of the clan, controls all aspects of the clan but will normally leave this to the Istari and the other ranks, will step in to help the clan in need and do anything desired.

    Here is a chart to help visual learners (like me! :D)

    This post was mainly about the ranks possible for the clan members. I will be posting rules sometime soon. If you want to join the clan, please post a message on this thread or talk to me in game. Thanks!
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  10. KnightZack60 Knighteray

    Minecraft Username:
    1. Don't be a dick
    2. Follow the instructions of a higher ranked member of the clan- If you are working on a project that is led by a Master Elf, breaking their rules will result in consequences
    3. No griefing or stealing
    4. Do not abuse your powers- If you are a Master Elf, don't bully Hobbits into getting want you want, you are there to lead not to destroy
    5. No phallic structures- If you are caught building something inappropriate you will be punished
    6. Live long and prosper
    7. Repeat steps #1 and #7 for day to day activities
  11. KnightZack60 Knighteray

    Minecraft Username:
    Current Projects:
    Hobbiton 2.0: Will be lead by me and will be completely different than the previous Hobbiton of last map. I still need a Lead Builder to help design stuff so please let me know if you are interested in the role. More information will be given asap.

    Valinor: Based on the city of Tirion located inside Valinor in Middle Earth, this city will be large and is still only a thought. Second in priority to Hobbiton 2.0. If you want to help build Valinor let me know but more information will not be publicly posted until Hobbiton 2.0 is completed.

    Recruitment: Arda needs members! All of the projects will be built by members of Arda but we have no members! If you are interested in joining our clan please let me know so I can invite you. Please look at our ranks thread to see what exactly you can gain from our clan and what you can do to help us grow.

    Got any questions? Post here or talk to me in game, thanks!

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