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Must Download Programs For A Fresh Windows Install.

Discussion in 'Everything Chat' started by halfdane, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. halfdane Fun Police

    Minecraft Username:
    Antivirus: (choose one)
    (note: malware bytes is another great antivirus but unless you pay it will not keep your computer protected unless you manually scan)

    Office Suite: (choose one)
    Google Docs (online only)

    Browser: (choose one)

    utorrent v2.21 (don't update this leave as 2.21. it's a great torrent program that doesn't have extra crap. If you don't like the idea of using a program that keeps telling you to update Deluge is a great alternative)
    irfanview (image viewer that also lets you cycle though gifs)
    7-Zip (compression)
    VLC (plays pretty much every kind of video)
    Foxit (PDF Reader)
    Notepad++ (replacement for notepad)
    Clover (makes your browser have tabs and favorites)
    foobar2000 (audio player that can support nearly anything including podcasts)

    If anyone has any suggestions comment and I'll update this

    Edit1: to include pattys suggestion of foobar
  2. xBL00DYxM1STx Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    what do you recommend to watch hentai?
  3. halfdane Fun Police

    Minecraft Username:
    Assuming you are using mkv file format: (media file type made popular for anime because you can have multiple subtitle tracks and audio tracks and is very high quality)
    If you are lazy just download vlc. Most prefer media player classic with an mkv codec you can find here. Also, as I look into it more core media player with the cdl codec is another popular player.

    If you are not watching video and just looking a sequence of pictures and gifs I would recommend irfanview a link can be found above.
  4. Patty_Melt pooty pls

    Minecraft Username:

    А ну, чики-брики и в дамки!

    According to their website,
    I've used it. It installs MPC-HC with good DirectShow filters and will play just about anything.
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  5. Patty_Melt pooty pls

    Minecraft Username:

    Bitdefender or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware are good choices.
    Additionally, there are some online scanners that work well if you're just trying to scan a single file:
    Jotti's Scanner

    Office suites:
    Yeah those are fine. Fuck office suites in general though.

    Firefox is a good choice, or you can grab Chromium (Chrome without the google malware pre-installed) from here.

    utorrent: fuck this in general. Go with Deluge and enjoy your bloat, or try to find a working version of Transmission for Windows.
    images: +1 irfanview
    compression: +1 7zip
    media player: see above post, just don't choose VLC.
    PDF viewer: anything is better than the "software" that Adobe cranks out. My recommendation is evince.
    Text editor: +1 for notepad++ (would that make it notepad+++?) or be cool and use gVim.
    Audio player: foobar2000 is customizable and offers good support for various codecs
    Media transcoder: handbrake is free, quite fast, and relatively easy to use

    Also, here's a guide to add things to firefox that you probably want.

    My apologies for the double post, I'm too lazy to edit this
  6. ELITECR3W* Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I'm more of a winRAR but yeah good list
  7. Patty_Melt pooty pls

    Minecraft Username:
    Wait, you actually paid for WinRAR?
  8. boar401s2 Mr. Roboto

    Minecraft Username:
  9. ELITECR3W* Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Nope, it screams at me to buy the full program every time I use it
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  10. BT267 Distinguished Member

    Been waiting to use this somewhere, found it a little bit ago. Guess here will do just fine. ;)
  11. xBL00DYxM1STx Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    You don't have to buy it, it just gives a popup each time you open a file that you can close.

    I doubt anyone actually paid for it.
  12. xBL00DYxM1STx Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    When you open .rar riles, not just any file.
  13. Patty_Melt pooty pls

    Minecraft Username:
    Christ, just download 7zip. It's free for fuck's sake.
    ELITECR3W* likes this.
  14. BT267 Distinguished Member

    And here's one about winzip I've been waiting to use :D. Was hoping that would pop up on here too! Here it is:
  15. timsandtoms Administrationator

    Minecraft Username:
    Day to day use, it's pretty much a toss-up between the two. WinRAR takes one less click to Right Click>Extract Here(7-Zip is Right Click>7-Zip>Extract Here), but if you ever double click on an archive, it does the whole "YOUR FREE TRIAL HAS EXPIRED, BUY WINRAR" popup thing. When I already had WinRAR installed, I didn't bother switching, but when I had to install one of the two on a new computer, I opted for 7-Zip because it was open source and didn't have popups.
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  16. michaelfoley Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    sublime text > notepad++
    chrome > chromium (codecs and stability and auto-update)

    I use virustotal nearly every day and it's awesome for scanning single files. Unfortunately you're uploading the file to the internet and have no control over where and to who it it is distributed to.

    When combined these 4 free solutions have caught everything that i've thrown at them with the exception of a handful of polymorphic binaries i've been able to make and a .lnk file (virustotal cou;dn't detect anything either).
  17. Patty_Melt pooty pls

    Minecraft Username:

    I've never had stability issues on Chromium when using versions provided by my distro or using woolyss' build engine on Windows. As for codecs, the lack of h.264 support is annoying, but you can use the library provided with Chrome and shove it into Chromium (this takes a bit of effort, but it's dynamically linked so it's not like you have to recompile Chromium or anything). As for auto-update, you could again use woolyss' build engine to download the latest binaries. Ultimately, depending on how you feel about Google, you may find it worth it to use the free version over the proprietary one.

    Or you could just use Firefox, although that brings it's own set of issues (NPAPI, lack of multithreading and sandboxing, etc)

    And yes, using online services means you are putting whatever files you submit onto the internet. Obviously, if you have sensitive information, you shouldn't be uploading those files to other people's servers ;). Both Jotti and VirusTotal state in their ToS that they are able to share files submitted to them with other companies (presumably to give anti-malware companies samples of new malware, but who knows what else?). Still, if you just want to check an executable file you grabbed off the internet, they're good tools to use.

    clamAV is good and I always forget it exists. I've been planning on running clamAV on my mail server to scan attachments, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Can't really speak for the rest of the ones you listed, I don't really do much with anti-malware suites.
  18. michaelfoley Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    I would expect VirusTotal and Jotti only distribute your files to anti-malware companies.

    It's more a case of if files are potentially sensitive you may be uneasy with what the anti-malware companies do with them and in what horribly insecure ways they save them.

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