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Server News June Town Hall Meeting

Discussion in 'News' started by pilotkip, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. pilotkip Administrator

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    We will be having a Town Hall meeting at Noon Eastern, on Saturday June 11th. Our agenda will include:
    • Current status of TimGaming
    • Community events, recognition, and volunteer opportunities
    • Server finances and operations
    I hope to see you there... we need your feedback and ideas. All are welcome to attend. I'll post the minutes from the meeting here.
  2. pilotkip Administrator

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    I am completely pleased with the energy and enthusiasm that TimGaming members showed at the meeting yesterday. At one point I saw 22 people participating... simply amazing!

    We asked what TimGaming is great at. The number one response was "The Community" and I have to agree. We have a very good group of people that make up TimGaming, and I want to thank all of you for that! Another thing that was mentioned was that TimGaming feels like natural minecraft, not overly modded or flashy.

    A few more things that people like include:
    • The separate mining world
    • The warp system
    • The protection system
    There are always areas for improvement, of course. It was commonly felt that its too hard for new players to start playing. I created a separate thread for discussing ways to make it easier for new players to find a place to build: http://timgaming.com/threads/11323/
    Another thing that resonated with people was that the tutorial was too long, people rush through it and end up still not knowing anything. It was suggested that we give them information as they need it, in smaller bits. This could be done a variety of ways. We could make a guide book, youtube videos, or custom plugins that gives them tips as needed. Here is a thread for ideas for a guide book: http://timgaming.com/threads/11325 and here is a thread for discussing YouTube videos: http://timgaming.com/threads/11324
    Server Events was another topic that we discussed. It would be nice to have monthly events, such as games, tournaments, festivals, etc. These could be related to holidays, though they probably should not fall exactly on the holiday since people will be busy with their families. Here is a link to a thread for discussing ideas of what sorts of events we could have and what the monthly themes could be: http://timgaming.com/threads/11326
    And finally we talked about keeping the server financially stable. Some thoughts included finding lower priced hosting, and monthly subscriptions for support. We will talk about these topics more in future meetings.
    A heartfelt Thank You to all that participated. You simply are the best community on any server anywhere!
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