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Server News July Town Hall Meeting

Discussion in 'News' started by pilotkip, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. pilotkip Administrator

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    We will be having a Town Hall meeting at Noon Eastern, on Saturday July 16th. Our agenda will include:
    • Server finances and operations
    • Community events and festivals
    • Ways to grow the player base
    I hope to see you there... we need your feedback and ideas. All are welcome to attend. As I did in June, I'll post the minutes from the meeting here.
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  2. cactusman777 Exalted Member

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    Can we also discuss potential methods to increase server growth in terms of player base? I would like to hear everyone's opinion on how effective the current system of voting seems to be, and if they have any better ideas.
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  3. KnightZack60 Knighteray

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    Once again I am going to miss the Town Hall, hope y'all have a blast! :D
  4. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    heh I work saturday's lol so eh
  5. lightningfactor Distinguished Member

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    Meh.. I don't think I'm going to be able to make it :S
  6. pilotkip Administrator

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    I edited the original post to include this!
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  7. 7ShockWave7 Distinguished Member

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    I assume it's noon Pacific Standard Time?
    I'll definitely try to make it, but I'm not sure if that's possible.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I can't read. Eastern. Gotcha.
  8. TheAssassin1 Veteran Member

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    I have no life, so I'll probably make it.
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  9. pilotkip Administrator

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    Thank you for all who attended the Town Hall meeting on Saturday. Thank you also to Fahlur who hosted it in his underground fortress.

    Over the past month, we have been busy updating plugins on the server. Several issues have been resolved since last month. You will notice that you can now egg mobs again. You can also dismount a horse in a protection without being unfairly kicked for flying. In fact, you can now trade tamed mobs.

    We talked about festivals. This month's festival will be on Saturday July 23rd. The theme this month will be “Christmas in July”. Thedominator045 will be hosting a “Trading Festival” where people can bring items to sell or trade. These can be things like building materials, weapons, food, jobs, or even property. Jon has been building an obstacle course in Zonkoland, and we talked about having a gift exchange.

    We talked about abandoned protections. These are protections where none of the owners or members of the protection have been on for a long time. We discussed starting a policy in the next map where abandoned protections could be auctioned off. This would encourage people to be active, and to give another way people can spend their Timonians!

    We also discussed banning permanent nerd poles on the next map. They're okay when you're in the middle of a build, but if one is found after say 2 weeks, we would be entitled to remove it.

    Finally we talked about financing. There will be new rewards for donors who give on an ongoing basis. We discussed some options for what these rewards could be. We may be able to offer non-expiring protections, discounts at the shop, early access to new maps, or at the highest level, offer to host an entire private world for them. We are always interested in your ideas for rewards.

    We also talked about ways to increase our visibility. One way would be using excess server funds to buy advertising space. Another would be to sell TimGaming merchandise, such as T-Shirts, keychains, etc. And finally we thought about inviting a Youtuber to judge a building contest.

    Keep the great ideas flowing!

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