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Community News Why Not 1.10 Yet?

Discussion in 'Community News' started by Fahlur, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    Hey everyone, here is an extensive information thread about "Why not 1.10 yet?"
    Please note that this post can be updated at any time for any reason, from now to the future

    First off I need to cover some very basic principles that Timgaming has followed since the move to map 2 and so forth.

    TimGaming never does a full blown version update such as 1.9->1.10 for example unless the following conditions are met. I will break these down into categories, then each category will have sub descriptions. This list has also grown over time.
    1. Stability
      1. TimGaming WILL NOT update to a newer version of Spigot if it is a Pre-Release, Alpha or Beta unless it is deemed "stable". Usually TimGaming will wait for a "Release Stable Build" Or otherwise test the beta build to be sure its safe to use.
    2. Core Plugins
      1. TimGaming WILL NOT update to a newer version of spigot until our Core plugins are Up to date. These core plugins are divided in the following categories. Protection, Performance, Economy, Permission, Communication, Mulit-World, Other Core Plugins
        1. Protection
          1. Protection includes but not limited to
            1. World Guard (With its dependency, World Edit)
            2. LogBlock
            3. Region Module Plugin (/protect)
            4. VanishNoPacket
        2. Performance
          1. LagFarmFinder
          2. LagMeter
          3. InactiveRegions
        3. Economy
          1. Economy includes but not limited to
            1. An actual economy plugin such as "Fe"
            2. Dynamic Market (or similar)
            3. Vault (a dependency for most of our plugins not just economy)
        4. Communication
          1. We have to have a chat plugin, thats all there is to it.
            1. Hero Chat (Or alternative)
          2. Essentials, yes the plugin Essentials is essential.
          3. Votifier (Communication from server to server for Votes)
        5. Multi-World Support
          1. Want a Mining World? Want the museum maps? Maybe a PvP world?
            1. Multiverse Core
            2. Multiverse Nether-Portals
            3. Mutiverse Portals
        6. Permission
          1. We have to have permissions in order to have these plugins function properly
            1. PermissionsEx
            2. Vault (as noted before a dependency to most our plugins)
    3. Testing
      1. Testing ALWAYS has to be done before releasing the update on our server. We have to make sure it properly works.
    What else are we waiting for?
    As the future moves on does TimGaming, we are working on various things and below is an example list of what is being worked on to further improve TimGaming not just for performance but as a whole and a community.
    1. Updating ALL plugins to their latest versions, to resolve issues and errors
    2. Moving on to Bungee Cord
    3. Creating a(n) Event Server
    4. Test 1.10 on the "development server" of course once all of the above is complete.
    A map reset?
    I can not speak for this. This will be addressed by PilotKip in the future in regards to this topic.

    If anyone has any questions, you are welcome to post in this thread and we'll do our best to answer your questions.
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  2. DiscoSensation Distinguished Member

    well as a player, I can at least! suggest this in a modest way... Everyone is waiting for a map reset and no one is gonna play till there is one. Excuse my off topicness.
    -regards Felipe.
    ps: map reset.
    -regards felipe.
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  3. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    Be it as it may I'd rather be on a stable update rather than a whacky broken leggy build. Case and point made that mistake with 1.9 tps drops like crazy.
  4. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    We have officially moved from MC 1.9.2
    Minecraft 1.9.4

    Please be patient we are working towards 1.10.2, fast! It is the next step!

    Do note. We may not reset immediately for 1.10.2, but we do want to be at 1.10.2 very quickly, So this map may see a bit of 1.10.2 for a little bit of time before a reset!

    If this happens, we will look into a map expansion of at least somewhere from 1,000 -> 5,000 blocks out. Size is yet to be determined.
    The Mining World, Nether and The End would also be reset immediately after update!

  5. pilotkip Administrator

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    I'd like to start the new map on the beginning of September, with the server running 1.10.x. There's a lot to do by then, so stay tuned.
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