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Server News Friends Of Timgaming

Discussion in 'News' started by pilotkip, Nov 12, 2016.

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  1. pilotkip Administrator

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    I don't know about you, but I feel that TimGaming is a pretty special place. I think it shows on my face as I try to explain exactly what it is to non-gamers and gamers alike. It's more than just a server where people from all over the world are free to play a quirky game called Minecraft. To me, it is much much more.

    I surveyed the members when I took over the reins from Tims and asked you "What makes TimGaming special?" The overwhelming response wasn't our economy or our awesome subway, but rather the community. TimGaming is a place where people meet other people. Friendships form, and incredible acts of kindness happen. I am continually amazed by the depth of people's compassion in this virtual world we create.

    TimGaming also has a long and interesting history. Our museum maps are a standing testament to the thousands and thousands of hours that so many players have spent designing and building amazing works. I wish I could tally the total number of hours that have been invested in these worlds! There are so many amazing places to visit on the old maps!

    As you know, it costs money to keep the lights on, and that's where I need your help. I've created a new group called "Friends of TimGaming." Members of this group are folks who believe as I do, that TimGaming is a special place, and are willing to help support this mission financially on a continuing basis. These people want to see TimGaming continue to be a strong and healthy community long into the future.

    I am asking you to consider joining Friends of TimGaming, and help ensure that we always have a place to call home. If you have a steady income and can spare just a few dollars a month you can make a big difference. Together we will ensure the sun always rises every 20 minutes!

    Join Friends of TimGaming at http://timgaming.com/pages/friends

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