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How Timcraft Used To Be

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BONESAW74, Nov 29, 2016.


Do You Think Mod Staff is(or has been corrupt)

Poll closed Dec 13, 2016.
Yes 4 vote(s) 57.1%
No 3 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. BONESAW74 Distinguished Member

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    Before I start I want to introduce myself. I am BONESAW74, a member and donator of TimCraft since the first map. My town of residence was Mountain Guard right by Lumbros.(how ever it was spellled) I stayed around for a long time for my own standards. Long after my original gang left. I think it was the 4th map. I have been on and off since. But my point of this thread is to point out reasons why my gang left along with many of the players of TimCraft I still have contact with mostly via Steam.

    Back around I think MAP 3 there was a massive number of regular members of the community banned for X-Ray. Many of these bans were thought to be false by many members of the community since most of the bans were long term players. And why all of a sudden would 40% of the old GOOD players of TC xray at once?

    Going back to map 2 when my gang left my gang was complaining MOD positions being more of a popularity contest over who did stuff right. I see this as possible reasons what happened on MAP 3. Mods on TC's Vent server at that time showed Tims little to no respect behind his back but to his face they would act like friends to him. This shows a lot to me at least.

    Now I will admit that MC has gotten a little old to me but I have times where I ache for the server style TC is. It is one of a kind and hard to find. Mostly Vanilla with little to no clutter mods making stuff easy, saturated and all. If I play online I want a more vanilla experience. TC is the only one that I have found that gives that. Dyn Market, SignShop(if thats still here) Protections and other small non game changing mods(subways too) made TC what it was.

    But TC is an old style now. Everyone wants stupid minigames and creative and other junk. Sadly TC is not what I can see most people wanting.

    Many times I have tried to get much of my old gang back here but they wont come. They have distrust in the MOD situation still. MANY funny stories of MODs thinking they were vanished when following people mining but they arent. I have one time that happened to me. But at that time I had made over 1 million tims in less than a month mining under the ocean mainly for gold. Not xray just hours of going to the gold only.

    As for many people from the first map being back in what 2011 or 2012 right? Its just old as hell and just not that interesting anymore sadly. I came back to see if the server was even up anymore. I remember many times coming back expecting "error 404 DNS timgaming.com not found" and realizing that part of my childhood is gone forever. But I am happy to see a new map created. I might return when I have time off from work.

    I know this is way too long but I want to express my feelings in this and my concerns and points. Lastly many of the iconic original members have left too. PurlySatanic, Halfdane, naemr, Erollnis and any old member can call out their favorite old staff member. But looking at the staff page I am sad to see 2 admins. I loved the server for the one Admin and rest had 3 stages on mod. JrMod, Mod and it was either SuperMod or SrMod. I forget. Im not trying to say at all he does not deserve mod but another thing that made this server great was 1 top dog.

    To sum this up I hope to return soon but I express my reasons honestly why many of my friends left and the concerns a number of long standing members have left. (Moderation corruption) I dont know if it is true or not but it is one of the reasons it has declined. Main reason is MC has shifted to more of the minigames junk. Sad to see where TC has come to but I hope it comes back strong.

    I miss Cooperade and Sakaba too <3
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  2. Hannurr Distinguished Member

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    Good Morning!
    The reasons for two admins is that Tims has technically left and now Pilotkip owns the server.
    We are working really hard to bring this server back to what it used to be, particularly regarding the community.
    We now have monthly 'town hall' meetings where all players come together with Pilotkip to discuss concerns and ideas in one big chat and I'm arranging monthly festivals which have 'mini game' style events while also keeping it mostly about bringing the community together.
    I cant speak up about your concerns with the Mods since I don't know the details inside out but I can say with this new map and new Admin TimGaming is starting the to thrive once more and I hope to see you back online soon!
  3. puplova2014 Moderator

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    I don't think it's fully "corrupt" however I do certainly believe that there are many staff members who haven't been on in such a long time that they don't even know what to do with just the plain minecraft concepts. I think just to make it a little better more active mods would be great. There are some on this forum list I have just never even heard of. I've been here a year and for them not to be on for 1 full year is a little much. There are also some very good mods that are active. However, I've had a lot of situations where I would have needed a mod and none were online. Other than I personally believe we need more active mods on the staff list, everything on here is amazing and it is my favorite server to be on.:)
  4. Hannurr Distinguished Member

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    Yeah - what Puplova said. There are a lot of staff members who don't even know what our rules are. They hop on after a year absent or whatever and someone asks a question and they're like 'I dunno'
    It makes the server look bad if the mods don't know how to run things and new players won't stick around if a) there's no mods online and b)the mods who are online don't know how to help people.
  5. BONESAW74 Distinguished Member

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    The admin thing thanks for clearing it up. I revoke that statement of being sad. Its more of a change of owner thats great. Tims will be missed. He had one hell of a thing going. I am gonna get on today since I took the day off of work because I have been sick.
    BTW I LOVE YOUR COFFEE CUP. Only thing its not big enough!
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  6. Elmier Distinguished Member

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    On the moderator front, what has occurred is that as moderators begin to no longer play Tims never demoted them only adding new moderators to replace them. Many of these old mods have been people that Tims has played with significantly so he has trusted them and have continued to play with even after they've quit minecraft. Even though they have the moderator tag, they're really nothing more than old players that have no clue what the fucks going on anymore (I probably know more than 90% of the servers staff base when it comes down to server mods/rules)

    To be fair, Tims mostly threw shit against the wall and hoped it stuck, which worked remarkably well for most of the time.
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  7. KnightZack60 Knighteray

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    No matter the mod on any server you'd find some form of bias, it's not uncommon.

    I feel the same as you in several factors though. Survival MC sadly isn't the hip thing anymore, minigames and competitive servers are.

    Timgaming always had the small town vibe to it, which made the server 20x better for me but sadly other players tend to prefer the large money making servers.
  8. timsandtoms Administrationator

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    The key is to maintain a diet that lends itself to good colorectal health. Quality in, quality out, quality stuck to the wall.
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  9. Elmier Distinguished Member

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    Quality and a whole bunch of shenanigans.
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