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Community News December Town Hall Meeting

Discussion in 'Community News' started by pilotkip, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. pilotkip Administrator

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    Greetings! The December Town Hall meeting will be held on Saturday, December 10th at Noon Eastern time.

    Topics to discuss include:
    - Friends of TimGaming
    - How to earn perks
    - Moderator Staff

    See you there!
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  2. BONESAW74 Distinguished Member

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    Ill try and be there.
  3. Jayrayy Veteran Member

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    ...And when the site will update to 11.1?
  4. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    1.11? when the core plugins are all updated.

    We are currently waiting for Skript, SKQuery and Umbuska and a more stable Spigot (server software), more or less the next build.
  5. pilotkip Administrator

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    What features of 1.11 are you dying to have? I know Shulker boxes is one. What else?
  6. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    There's alot of changes, but let me list a few...
    • Shulker Boxes
    • Woodland Mansions (Which also have the totem of undying)
    • Llamas
    • Observer (block - Redstone Related)
    • Exploration Maps (new Cartographer villager)
    • The end Return portals
    Difficulty / Other Changes
    • If a creeper is inflicted with a potion effect, its explosion will cause a lingering effect of the potion.
    • The updated Hunger exhaustion levels
    • Shields: Now block 100%, as opposed to 66%, of the damage dealt in melee combat.
      • Zombies without any weapons will not deal any damage to the player, nor damage the shields durability.
      • Creeper explosions deal 0 damage to the player.
      • Wither skeletons will not inflict the wither effect when hit by them.
      • Burning zombies will not set the player on fire.
      • Mobs with axes will now disable the shield if they attack a blocking player.
    • Blazes will take 1 ([IMG]) damage when hit by a splash water bottle.
    • Endermen will take 1 ([IMG]) damage when hit by a splash water bottle.
    • Skeletal Horses: The chance of spawning with a thunderstorm lightning strike is reduced to 1⁄5 of what it was.
    • Now shows the hitboxes where the dragon may be hit by an arrow, when hitboxes are shown using F3+B.

    On a developing end
    • Curse of binding
    • Curse of Vanishing
    • The 12 new spawn eggs
    • Color-able Shulkers

    Still thinking/Looking for the other stuff :p
  7. pilotkip Administrator

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    Thank you Fahlur.

    So, which of these are you (and everyone) dying to have?
  8. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    On a survival basis im dying to have.

    The shulker Box
    The Return End portals would be very nice to have to bring back to the main island
    The woodland mansion would be a fun new challenge to explore and loot, etc
    as well as the Cartographer villager, he gives maps to nearest (Ocean Monument, Woodland Mansion)

    Also forgot to mention, curing a zombie villager will give you the profession they are visually, which is a very nice deal there.

    also the vanilla increased difficulty will be quite nice.

    also lol Totem of Undying alot would love to have im sure :p
  9. KnightZack60 Knighteray

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    Could you post a recap of what you guys talked about? Missed it. :/

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