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Hey Y'all

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Bob, May 18, 2017.

  1. Bob Distinguished Member

    Hey y'all, my name's Bob. I'm an old TimGaming player from like.... 6 or so years ago. It's been a long time since I've set foot in the forums/server. Not sure if I'll play all that much, just came to see some old friends.

    Not sure if y'all remember me, but I was friends with ReubenSala, Bcaseb, Porzok, benherman1, coolkidmad2, and a few others. I was a part of The Capital on the original map on the server. I started the Aquariaus City. I remember when BenHerman could only whisper on Ventrilo because he was scared of his dad or something along those lines. I was banned permanently by Erollinus for griefing on the second map, but the ban was lifted. Good times.

    I look forward to seeing any old friend, and possibly making some new ones.
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  2. pilotkip Administrator

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    Hi Bob! It is very good to have you back! It's good to have old players back!

    Question: Would you mind helping to tell some of the history of the server? I am collecting historic locations and stories from the old maps and putting them in articles on our wiki. Think you could find some of your old stomping grounds on the museum maps?

  3. Bob Distinguished Member

    Of course, I'd be honored.

    Are they on the server still or do I need to download them?
  4. HewTheJew Member

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  5. pilotkip Administrator

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    All the old maps are available as 'Museum Maps' so that people can re-visit their old stomping grounds and see the things we've built. Portals to each of the museum maps are available in the portal room at Spawn.

    and... Hi Hew!
  6. HewTheJew Member

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    hey bro did my appeal get seen by you

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