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Community News Medieval Mayhem!

Discussion in 'Community News' started by Hannurr, May 24, 2017.

  1. Hannurr Distinguished Member

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    Greetings Knights and Monarchs! Jesters, Bards and all!

    We invite you to Tim Gaming's official medieval event! So dust of your helmets, grab your mutton and ale and join us this Saturday for a day of fun and games!

    There will be three main games to take part in:
    A jousting tournament,
    A dungeon maze race,
    A game of King-of-the-Tower!

    Be there or be thrown in the dungeons!

    8:30 UK,
    3:30 Eastern
    12:30 Pacific
  2. pilotkip Administrator

    Minecraft Username:
    Medieval Madness was some olde tyme fun!

    We began the day playing Ye Olde Ice Holes. Players tried to knock each other through the holes or off the sides using knockback sticks. Jon86 won the first round, and VT_Impossible won the second, winning each of them 25k.

    Next we moved to the Jousting Tournament. Puplova2014, EricCla, DarthDeath246, Jon86, ZonkoTheGreat, loyalbetrayer, VT_Impossible, and VT_lmpossible (JohnConnor) all entered the tournament.

    The first best-of-three match was between Pup and Eric. Eric won twice and advanced.
    The second match was between Darth and Jon. Jon won two, and advanced.
    The third match was between Zonko and Loyal. Zonko won two, and advanced.
    The fourth match was between VT and VT. Each won one, so it came down to a tie-breaker. VT_lmpossible (JohnConnor) won, so he advanced.

    The first semi-final match was between ZonkoTheGreat and VT_lmpossible. Each won one round, but Zonko won the tie-breaker advancing to the finals.
    The second semi-final match was between EricCla and Jon86. EricCla had wandered off, but we tracked him down. Jon beat him handily moving to the finals.

    Jon and Zonko faced each other in the the finals. Both are very talented riders and the tension mounted. They rode at each other with ferocious determination. Jon knocked Zonko off his horse and won the first round. They made their way back to the starting gates, and faced off again.... Zonko determined to stay in the game and Jon trying to finish him off quickly. The two knights rode at each other with breakneck speed, and this time it was Zonko who was victorious. They were tied, one to one. It would come down to one last round. The two battered warriors rode back to their gates. This one round, a mere instant in time, would determine the victor. The gates dropped. The knights charged. Their Knockback X sticks pointed at their foe. Jon knocked Zonko off his horse! Jon86 won the Jousting Tournament and 50k!

    The third event was King of the Tower. This imposing structure loomed over the entire area, dwarfing the players who entered the doorway at the base. The trip to the top would not be easy. First of all, there was no simple way up. Players either had to navigate a very challenging parkour course to the top, or they had to work together to bypass the lower part of the course, taking a shortcut halfway up. Life was even more difficult as PvP was allowed, and several players were killed along the way. They will be remembered fondly, whoever they were. When time was up, it was Zonko who occupied the top, winning him 50k!

    The last event was a Dungeon Dash. All the players jumped down a hidden hole into the bowls of the kingdom. There was only one way out, and the players scrambled to find it. In the end, DarthDeath made it back into the sunshine first, and was welcomed with 50k!

    Many thanks to puplova2014, VT_Impossible, jon86 and Hannur for making this event a success!

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  3. pilotkip Administrator

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    Also, a big thank you to Fahlur, who created a very last minute plugin that made the Joust possible!
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