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Survival Nether Concept

Discussion in 'Everything Chat' started by Fahlur, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    The idea is to be 100% nether survival.

    Say plugin idea. Now this is a concept idea and may not happen. just an idea xD

    • With the help of multiverse to create a nether based world. no portal creation.
    • The plugin would make "naturally" generating "ruined portals" which would apply for obsidian in the nether to be harvested
    • You can get all ores (ingots, gems) in nether chests, or by smelting mob armor
    • all mobs have a chance to wear any kind of armor and yield any kind of tool/weapon. With any kind of enchant. These would be smelt-able for the item to create it. With exception of leather.
    • Iron/Chain/gold returns nugget
      • diamond would return 50% of the cost to make it, however will lose 25% return for every 1/4 durability lost until only 1 diamond return.
    • Nether chests would have a chance for any ore type as well as string and saplings
    • Coarse Dirt would be crafted from 2 soul sand + 2 gravel
    • Creepers would spawn in the nether
    • Cobble has a chance to drop from gravel as well
      • (Cobble would drop as a stone button named "Cobble Bit") You would need 4 of them to craft 1 cobble stone block (of course these special "bits" would not be place-able like a button)
    • Sand would be replaced with soul sand in the recipe for tnt.
    • Smelt soul sand for glass
    • Paper would have a chance to spawn in nether chests (which would be common)
    • Rotten flesh would smelt for leather
    • more coming later?

    If you have any ideas for this concept. Please share! Note there is no overworld or end world for this. Pure nether survival so no water
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  2. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    Adding the concept of using Advancements to have a "quest book" like deal. Maybe award items for certain advancement achieves.

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