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Survival Nether Concept

Discussion in 'Everything Chat' started by Fahlur, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Fahlur Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    The idea is to be 100% nether survival.

    Say plugin idea. Now this is a concept idea and may not happen. just an idea xD

    • With the help of multiverse to create a nether based world. no portal creation.
    • The plugin would make "naturally" generating "ruined portals" which would apply for obsidian in the nether to be harvested
    • You can get all ores (ingots, gems) in nether chests, or by smelting mob armor
    • all mobs have a chance to wear any kind of armor and yield any kind of tool/weapon. With any kind of enchant. These would be smelt-able for the item to create it. With exception of leather.
    • Iron/Chain/gold returns nugget
      • diamond would return 50% of the cost to make it, however will lose 25% return for every 1/4 durability lost until only 1 diamond return.
    • Nether chests would have a chance for any ore type as well as string and saplings
    • Coarse Dirt would be crafted from 2 soul sand + 2 gravel
    • Creepers would spawn in the nether
    • Cobble has a chance to drop from gravel as well
      • (Cobble would drop as a stone button named "Cobble Bit") You would need 4 of them to craft 1 cobble stone block (of course these special "bits" would not be place-able like a button)
    • Sand would be replaced with soul sand in the recipe for tnt.
    • Smelt soul sand for glass
    • Paper would have a chance to spawn in nether chests (which would be common)
    • Rotten flesh would smelt for leather
    • more coming later?

    If you have any ideas for this concept. Please share! Note there is no overworld or end world for this. Pure nether survival so no water
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  2. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    Adding the concept of using Advancements to have a "quest book" like deal. Maybe award items for certain advancement achieves.
  3. Fahlur Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Thanks to some functionalities work with omniverse and beyond minecraft. I can reuse the ideal concept of world generation with the survival nether and have it generate its own nether, instead of having to get say multiverse and create the nether world. The plugin would do it for you and properly load the world on restarts, etc.

    The only thing I need to work out later is loot tables of chests. Then random structure generation in it. I would also like to remove the roof. Which I know is possible because a certain premium plugin can do that. looks neat also more open world feeling.

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