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Community News Town Hall Meeting

Discussion in 'Community News' started by pilotkip, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. pilotkip Administrator

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    *Meeting Notes Posted In Thread*

    We are overdue for a Town Hall meeting, so let's meet!

    Date: Saturday, June 10th
    Time: 3:00 pm UK, 10:00a EDT, 7:00a PDT
    Location: Town Hall Building @ Spawn

    Topics include:
    State of the Server
    Growing the Player Base
    Achieving Rank

    We're all in this together, so bring your thinking caps. :)
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  2. Razer4Lyfe Veteran Member

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    what time for est?
  3. ConnorTheAce™ Distinguished Member

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    Around 9am I reckon
  4. pilotkip Administrator

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    EDT stands for the Eastern Daylight Time zone. If your location in the Eastern Time zone observes daylight savings time (most do), then the meeting is at 10:00 am your time.
  5. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    He probably didnt recognize it because EST is widely used in the USA. Eastern Standard Time, such as CST (central), PST (pacific)
  6. pilotkip Administrator

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    That's my assumption as well. EST specifically refers to the time during the winter, when Daylight Savings Time is not in effect.

    In the future, I could shorten it to ET, and PT, but those are harder to recognize as being time zones.
  7. Hannurr Distinguished Member

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    I recommend just having a time... like '1oam' and not give any time zones at all. Just let us guess!
  8. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    Or do the following. Put a time, designate the timezone for that time. Maybe UTC. Then refer to a page like this


    They fine the UTC mark and drag the slider to 10:00 am of UTC and then find their time zone and it would show what time their time.

    For example


    this is 10AM UTC, and shows times for the other timezones, the green slider tab, should show "Their" local time of when it would be.

    To also note. The server is in Arizona. Arizona is Central Standard Time and doesnt have a CDT as Arizona does not recognize DLT. Just a thought :p

  9. cactusman777 Exalted Member

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    why dont you just make a smaller country that has 1 timezone like the rest of us
  10. pilotkip Administrator

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    I think specify it in in-game ticks!
  11. pilotkip Administrator

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    Here are the notes from the town hall meeting:

    The server is doing well financially. The Friends of TimGaming have been providing 100% of the hosting fees since January. It would be nice if we could find a couple more people to step up. We could use the extra funds to promote the server, either by buying advertising, or by purchasing TimGaming merchandise which we could then sell. Of course merchandise would require some artistic people to design.

    It is easy to become a Friend of TimGaming. There is a link on the right hand side of our website. The Iron level membership is only $5 per month.

    I spent $10 of our funds last month to purchase the King of the Hill plugin for the event. Now that we own it, we can use it whenever we want.

    We talked about the Medieval Madness event that we ran this month. The consensus was that it went very well considering the whole event was created in under 7 days. There was a nice variety of games, and a good number of people were able to attend. Many thanks to the Crew members who brought this together in such short time!

    Future events would be better if they were planned further ahead, and had the rules better explained, such as posted on the forum ahead of time. Also, the builder of the game should be the one that runs it since they know the game inside and out.

    We also talked about the fact that TimGaming has players from all across the globe. Because of this, it is impossible to find a single time that works for everybody. Therefore I would like to offer to run the events a second time for those who live in other parts of the world, provided enough players are interested.

    Our next event looks like it will be Pirate themed, and is slated to be run in July. We may also have some weekly unoficial contests.

    In other server news, we are working to bring the server up to 1.12. I think it is important to keep up with the current version. This is a departure from my original aversion to upgrading as it breaks stuff. But now I feel that if we aren't caught up, new players are less likely to log on. So 1.12 is priority #1.

    After we are caught up on the version, we will expand the map. We will roughly double the area of the accessible world. We will announce the time and date well ahead of time so it is fair for everyone.

    Please note! If you claimed one of the inactive subway stations, they will be regenerated when the map expands and you will lose your stuff. Make sure you move it before the expansin!

    We talked about limiting how far DynMap can zoom on the current map. This would still give people a sense of the layout of the land, but prevent using dynmap to find and raid ocean monuments. Players would still have to explore an area in person to find treasures.

    We also talked about having a tiny biome map of the mining world, so you can get a sense of where the material you are looking for exists. I would like to encourage people to use the mining map for their resources. We also talked about the possibility of having a collection of mining maps to cycle through, chosen so that all the major biomes are represented.

    We talked about revamping the player rank system. Since the EULA doesn't allow us to give rank for donations, we decided that players should earn rank by playing. Ideas for rewarded behavior include: days played, building, interacting with others, taking part in events, being thanked, recruiting new players, etc. Stay tuned for more on this.

    It was decided that we needed more help with moderating. It was agreed that puplova2014 would make an excellent addition to the TimGaming staff. Welcome Pup!

    Pup suggested we start paying favors forward. Instead of re-paying a favor to someone who did something nice to you, you pay-it-forward by doing a favor for someone else. This is a great way we can build our community.

    Thank you to everyone who was able to come to this Town Hall meeting. We covered a lot and it was excellent!
  12. Hannurr Distinguished Member

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    Yesssssss Keep the main world looking tidy! :p:mad:
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