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Community News Pirate Event

Discussion in 'Community News' started by Hannurr, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Hannurr Distinguished Member

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    Ahoy there matey's!
    It's time to set sail and voyage out on a fun filled day of treasure hunts and other pirate games!

    Join us on 22nd July at 7pm UK time for three big events!

    The obstacle course!


    Chose your colour and stand in the booth - wait for the fireworks and GO! Run through cobwebby rooms and parkor over obstacles to claim your rightful place!
    1st Place wins 15 gold bars!
    2nd Place wins 10 gold bars
    3rd place wins 5 gold bars
    All participants get a shiny golden nugget!

    Capture the flag!


    Chose your team and then race to capture all four of the areas in this epic PVP adventure!
    Click HERE:
    for full details on how to play!
    Winning team gets five gold bars each!


    Treasure Hunt!


    Armed with nothing more than a shovel take a boat ride to the hidden lagoon home of haunted sunken ships and beautiful mermaids. Then dig climb and swim to find all the treasure you can carry! Different treasures mean different rewards:
    Gold bars = 5 points
    Gold nuggets = 3 points
    Wood sword = 2 point

    Each point you win snags you 500 timonions!!!

    *Please note, times/prizes are subject to change! Please keep checking back on the thread for potential updates!*

  2. woodyparker Distinguished Member

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  3. michaelfoley Moderator

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    Could we get a countdown timer?
  4. Pheonix_Knight Veteran Member

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    I have pictures of mini chests!
    2017-07-22_13.56.13.png 2017-07-22_13.56.36.png 2017-07-22_13.56.56.png 2017-07-22_13.57.25.png 2017-07-22_13.58.46.png 2017-07-22_14.49.08.png 2017-07-22_14.54.41.png 2017-07-22_14.55.58.png 2017-07-22_15.06.39.png
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  5. pilotkip Administrator

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    What an amazing event that was! Thank you to everyone who came!

    Parkour Race
    The parkour course was challenging, but players were up to the task!

    What goes up, must come down...

    MonkeyGym999 finished first, winning him 15 gold bars.

    He was followed by darthman_1 who earned 10 gold bars for 2nd place

    And ConnorTheAce came in third place, earning him 5 gold bars.

    The top three winners from this race:

    Capture the Flag (Conquor)
    The next event was Capture the Flag, Pirates versus Soldiers. Players started out at their respective bases, either on a pirate ship or barracks.
    When the game began, they went as quickly as possible to a fort on top of the hill, where they attempted to capture all four checkpoints.

    The battle for the checkpoints got intense at times:

    We played 3 rounds. PkMn_Substitute was on the winning side all three rounds, earning him 15 gold bars. ZonkoTheGreat and Pheonix_Knight each won twice, earning them 10 gold bars. Finally darthman_1, bitfreeze, and jon86 won once, snagging 5 gold bars each.

    Treasure Hunt
    The treasure hunt was supposed to start with a mad boat race to the beach, but due to a failure on our part to adequately test the permissions, players could not place boats! So began a mad wading through a river! :p

    Once at the beach, players began digging like crazy, looking for chests of loot.

    There was a large expanse to search!

    But sometimes the chests were hidden in plain sight, you just had to look in the right direction!

    In the end, PkMn_Substitute found items worth 26 points. Drift215 found 19 points worth, Pheonix_Knight 16, MonkeyGym999 10, ConnorTheAce 6, and darthman_1 found 5. Each point earned the player 500 Timonians!

    This truly was a great event! HUGE Thanks to the TimGaming CREW who put this event together for us!
  6. Hannurr Distinguished Member

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    Can everyone who entered the mini chest competion please comment here a link to where you posted the pictures so I can check the winner? (must be posted someonewhere on the forum) I've counted the posts I could find but I don't want to miss anyone out if you made a thread somewhere else and I missed it :)
    If your link isnt here by THIS TIME TOMORROW then it's not my fault if I miss it and didn't count you and you don't win. :p
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