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Fulltime Minigame /server?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by woodyparker, Jul 23, 2017.


Should we have a mini-game /server?

Yes 6 vote(s) 50.0%
No 6 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. woodyparker Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Hey y'all, i had an idea that me and Pup discussed and decided to make a thread on to gather opinions.

    Here is the idea:
    A full time mini-game server that you can join with /server minigame, (like /server event) with games like spleef, sumo, parkour courses, and other mc originals. This would be completely for fun, not affecting the survival server at all (unless you wanted to incorporate prizes for winning and such) and possibly a leader-board system/rank system to challenge players to beat one another.
    I believe this would be very beneficial to the server as it would make timcraft a more diverse server bringing more player traffic and overall allowing for a more enjoyable playing experience.

    Please don't roast me lol, its just an idea. Please give opinions, thank you.
  2. puplova2014 Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    I do like the idea, I think there would be some things that need to be figured out however, purely survival sometimes does get boring for people. I think a few classic mini games just for fun in it's own little server or world would be great. Events are great and all however, they only happen every so often based on what the event is and what the events crew has planned for the next event :) . But, just like the events, this would be a good way to get new community members involved as well as keep the existing community involved/interacting with each other through some fun friendly competition that can be played. But unlike the events this is at any time they want to! :) The games don't have to be big/ complex just simple little games that are self-running/resetting such as the one's woody mentioned
  3. Dj346 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    sure some mini games would be nice and it might help bring some players in, just dont make the server main focus minigames. :p
  4. Hannurr Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I'm not overly keen on a whole mini game server, I feel like it could potentially divide the server up between mini game players and the survival players. I'm also cautious about how it might make events feel less special. However, I totally get that players love mini games and I have been speaking to kip about perhaps having some SMALL self run mini games at spawn. I thinking having them at spawn instead of a separate server would make the place look more active and inviting to new players if they come in and see people thriving in the spawn area and it will keep the survival map active and the community together.
    (Using my phone so sorry for any stupid typos)
  5. puplova2014 Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    Not sure that it would fully make events not special. If we stuck with the more simple games (Such as like the spleef, or parkour) for the minigames and did bigger more unique games (Like what we do now, and even better :) ) I think both of them would be able to be exist together. Plus it might be a way to get the server more population, and more often and frequent server traffic :). (I know we both work with the events but I do agree with both opinions. honestly, We really just need a system to bridge the gap and add mix up between events it doesn't have to be big and extreme just something simple anyone can go to to have fun :D )
  6. Fahlur Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I dont see an issue with having mini games other than being able to handle multiple of them.

    Mini game servers do not have 1 server for their mini games. They have multiple servers for each mini game. That's how their instances work.
    They have a hub server, heh actually more than 1 hub server (depends on the volume of players)
    and for every mini game server they have x number of servers.

    However, for our volume heh 1 server a mini game would be better, and have a hub that has various classic little games that doesn't require plugin or command block interference, like parkour and such. Maybe even have a small spleef like deal and have a command block button that resets the field.

    I wouldnt think this would make events not special. Just have only a few types of mini games and have events that arent matching to the games.

    Mini games do not have to award anything, just be a fun side thing. Crap we have players that get on and ask if we have any mini games. say no and they leave. We could have a few of them like said before

    Like Spleef, Parkour, TNT Run, and maybe something like ctf or paintball (of course automated plugins for this)

    Each would have its own server or map instance (probably map) in the mini game server area, and we would can finally utilize those 2 unused portals at spawn. 1 can now be mini games, and then the other could be something else. like events or w/e
  7. Hannurr Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I'm really concerned that this will start turning the server into a mini game server and we'll lose the heart of what timgaming is.
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  8. Fahlur Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Timgaming was around to being the players that love minecraft together and to have fun, Theres nothing wrong with a few little mini games, all it would do is help bring in some more players. There isnt going to be some "hub" or w/e you can basically go to the portal room and go play spleef with another player or tnt run. Alot of players here love those games. it would just make it so certain things that require players to rebuild all the time to be able to auto play them at ease.

    I mean we had paintball and arena battle (mind people the only reason we dont have them mostly is because those plugins broke and arent supported by their devs anymore.). it wouldnt hurt to add a few fun things. We wouldnt turn into some mini game server, mroe or less being the main reason is this is a survival server and well we couldnt't support a large mini game server on our current hosting anyways.

    Just a few fun things added
  9. SoccerDog05 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    In my opinion, I don't think there should be an excessive amount of mini games if added. If it could be added, arena battle and paintball would be fun.

    If no mini games end up getting added, it's not the end of the world to me.
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  10. Hannurr Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:

    Can you not be so sensible and logical about this please? This is the internet. Jeeeez! :p
  11. MarvinTheRobot Paranoid Android

    Minecraft Username:
    It's not like we did not have "mini games" before...
    - Mob arena
    - Snowball fights

    Kind of the same thing. I don't really see a downside, potentially more players is a good thing.
    Well, there is of course the downside that it has to be set up and maintained :D but other than that...
    I think nobody wants to turn the server into a minigames server. As long as it does not become the main thing that people do on here, we should be fine.
  12. ConnorTheAce™ Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I don't know about a dedicated mini games server, but thats not to say the idea of having mini games is bad. There can be a few around the place, eg. spleef. It wouldn't be ideal however to load the server full of mini games as it would hurt more than it would help in many respects. And it also shouldn't be the main focus of the server, because this a survival server at its core and that shouldn't be taken away.

    So, having mini games is fine in my opinion, just in a pretty small amount so that players will still come here for survival game mode, and make it that mini games are purely a side thing to do if your a bit bored or something. People should still stay here for survival mode and the outstanding community that goes with it, not so much the side games.
  13. pilotkip Administrator

    Minecraft Username:
    As the server's administrator, my primary responsibility is to ensure that the legacy of TimGaming survives long into the future. My first priority was to get the server financially stable. Thanks to our generous donors, that part is taken care of now. My next task is to grow our user base. To do this we need a few things:
    • We must have a community that is fun to be a part of. We need players that are courteous, helpful and friendly to one another.
    • We need fun, shared experiences. Not only does this encourage players to stay, but they're also more likely to attract new players through word-of-mouth advertising.
    • We need a server that performs well and is reliable. The last thing we need is for folks to rage-quit when they get frustrated.
    The first one is ALL of our responsibilities. I am very thankful for how often I see our players send welcoming messages to new players when they first appear. We won't get everyone who passes through, but a nice "Welcome!" goes a long way towards making them feel like they've found a new virtual home.

    The events that our Crew have been hosting are great for the 2nd point. Stories, like the time when everyone had to WADE to the treasure hunt because nobody could place boats, are classic! Adding more mini games to the server could help build the user base, if there are sufficient numbers of players wanting to play them. The presence of the games is no guarantee that players will suddenly flock here. Remember, TimGaming used to be an extremely active PvP server. We still have an amazing arena, and it sits idle. Time will tell if mini games draw new players.

    It couldn't hurt! Or could it? Hannurr voiced valid concerns. The server has squeaked through some pretty lean times and we are not out of the woods yet. So we will remain vigilant. If these mini games dilute the player base, kill the excitement around events, harm the community, or make it more difficult to keep the server stable, I would pull the plug. If they make the server a vibrant, thriving, fun place to hang out and meet people, then we've succeeded in completing my second task!

    So, let's see what the poll tells us. On with the vote.
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  14. Pheonix_Knight Veteran Member

    Minecraft Username:

    While I agree having the games at spawn would make the server appear more lively, I think keeping them to a separate world is important. That way everyone plays with the same gear. I don't like the idea of well established, diamond-clad veterans having the advantage in a game of skill just because they've been around longer.
  15. puplova2014 Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    Also maybe consider the difference between a server using bungee and a world? (I know the chat and player list does do a few different things in each which might play into how community members could still be interacting with each other) But just something to consider :p (i.e in the events server the /tell command does not cross over however in another world (like the mining world) it does.)
  16. Hannurr Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Yup that makes sense but it would depend on the types of games we have I'm sure there are some games which are fair regardless of what equipment the players have.
    Alright then - I've voiced my concerns and if everyone wants the mini game server then I'm ready to be proved wrong. If I'm right though I'm gonna demand I have a golden statue of myself built in my honour at spawn :p
  17. Fahlur Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    To be fair, the heart of timgaming is the community of its members. We would not of been here at all if it wasnt for Tims, half, purley and the other staff that originally started. We wouldnt still be here if it wasnt for pilotkip stepping up to the challenge and taking the keys to continue the server, and we would not be here if it wasnt for the people of which who are helping by support the server through donations, voting, word of mouth and more.

    Tims and others have always wanted to grow this community,. we had mob arena, paintball, arena battle, and more. Subway didnt show till map 2 and yet its grown on us like its always been here. Heh tims wanted to add another game server for timgaming. There originally was talk about a StarMade server at one point. He was on for a blood moon on the server and various other ideas. We had ideas, some happened some didnt. Some didnt because we were unable to or didnt have time. And some we opted not to do for varying reasons.

    The hearts and souls is that of its community. We should continue to grow in time and make the community stronger. Any change that are made we should all of course chip in ideas and such to help improve and build the community. Add mini games? neat idea! What did you have in mind? hmm some spleef games? Maybe tnt run. Something for bored players or players that just want to have fun. Im not opted for a Full mini game server, oh no. I love the survival Experience. But a few new ideas wont hurt. Worst case scenario is we drop it because it either didnt go well. Or we are unable to maintain it for some reason or another.

    I do however want to thank those that started the server. those who support the server, and pilotkip for stepping up and taking over when it came time for tims to make his goodbyes due to life changes. I do appreciate all of you for what you do.
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  18. darthman82 Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I feel like the server should have some sorta day every week where we can have everyone come and play games. We could do it kinda like the events except its one day out of every week. Of course this is one of the only servers I know that does survival and only survival. That is one of the big reasons I love this server. If we add minigames to the mix, it takes away the true survival. The server will be split apart into minigames players and survival players. Having mini games open to the public is nothing special because its open all the time and you may not find enough people to play the games you want to play. If we keep the mini games open on one day of the week then everyone will come and it will feel like a mini event. It will make the community stronger as a whole. It will keep our excitement up leading up to the event day. Having a leader board or even a tournament for the mini games sounds like a great idea too. maybe a pvp tournament or a Capture the Flag tournament with teams of 2. It will surely help players gain new friends on the server.

    Mini game wise, their are plenty of different options for use to choose from. Theirs Skywars, Capture the Flag, 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 duels, Spleef, Survival games, Death run, Zombie survival, Parkour courses, and of course a lot more that I can not think off my head right now.
  19. Fahlur Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    to be quite fair darth. A lot of what we have on this server such as MCMMO for example takes away from the true survival aspect, heck even shop does that. Easy to get items quick rather than grinding and farming them for your self.

    The idea is to add a few simple little games that can be played on the side with other players.

    To be honest I would love Arena Battle back. because it had a 1v1 aspect but it also removed the fear of losing gear to another player. I know seems cheap but it was good for those that didn't want to risk their gear in a real pvp world and it was played A LOT.

    Aside from the death tracker im fixing to introduce. I want to also track more stats such as potential KDR's with player vs player and such. As well as other statistics like in game Minecraft stats comparison. Who has the longest Elytra flight (for example) and various other deals. Something to give a lot of in game aspects to the website for players to check out and maybe make goals in mind and to show off.

    As well I wanted to do something in regards to "daily rewards" but that parts a bit secret for now because im still fine tuning a few aspects. I will say this. It will be the first Server <-> website aspect other than stats tracking. This will introduce something that will be the first type of player integration with the website (that's enough said for now)
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  20. Jayrayy Veteran Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I'm with ConnortheAce. I think minigames would take away from the feeling of Timcraft. I chose and stayed in Timcraft because of the survival builds and seeing the work of others. I like the community activities as well. Consider this: If our admins are busy keeping up with what we already have, do they have time to add more? If they can keep up with demands, then I see no problem for those who want this. Would it take them longer to keep up with updates? If it stretches them too thin in their focus to the core of Timcraft, then it's best to shelf the idea.

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