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Discussion in 'TimGaming Development' started by Fahlur, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. Fahlur Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:


    About OmniVerse
    OmniVerse is a multiworld management plugin like many others but introduces a few new aspects to its core.
    • Ability to create/import/remove/reset and configure multiple different worlds
    • Portals to worlds
    • Various commands such as the ability to teleport to each world
    • and much much more.
    • Please review next post for Build information on snapshots and upcoming planned snapshots
    ~ Please check this thread often for updates!
  2. Fahlur Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Some Additional Notes for upcoming stuff

    Portal Mechanics
    • World Scaling to work for portals
    • Ender Pearl into portal sends you to the world (this is planned to work with nether portals too :D)
    • ...
    World Generators:
    • Void World Generator
    • And any other generators that would be setup for it. would be an appendage to the command (-g <generator>) (for example a void world generator)
    • Reset World Command
      • /omniverse reset <worldName> <seed (random if none used)>
    • Main Config File
      • firstSpawnWorld (worldName)
        • What world will new players first spawn in?
      • teleportCooldown (in seconds)
        • How long till teleported to world?
      • allowOpOverride (boolean)
        • Can ops override permission nodes?
      • useWorldPrefixes (boolean)
        • Use chat prefixes for worlds?
      • useAutomaticResets (boolean)
        • More information coming later
        • Will be placed on "not yet implemented" until the snapshot following the one after this planned one.
    • Add "allow-structures boolean" to "create world" command
      • /omniverse create <worldName> <type> <enviroment> <seed> <allowStructures(boolean)>
    • Configurable Settings per world, in each created world via worlds.yml
      • pvp (boolean)
        • allow/disallow pvp
      • world scale (double)
        • default 1.0
      • worldDimension
        • Defined dimension of the world (Normal, Nether, The_End)
      • respawnWorld (boolean)
        • designate as main respawn world?
      • allowWeather (boolean)
        • Allow/Disallow rain/storms/etc
      • difficulty (peaceful,easy,normal,hard)
        • Set the world default game difficulty
      • allowAnimals (boolean)
        • Allow/Disallow animals spawning
      • allowMonsters (boolean)
        • Allow/Disallow hostile mobs spawning
      • allowHunger (boolean)
        • Allow/Disallow the hunger mechanic
      • invincible (boolean)
        • Allow/Disallow player death (true = they cant die)
      • portalForm (none, all, nether, end)
        • Allow a specific, all or no portals to form
      • gameMode (survival, creative, spectator, adventure)
        • Set the default game mode for the world
      • autoLoad (boolean)
        • Will the world be available on server start?
      • bedRespawn (boolean)
        • Allow/Disallow respawning at beds?
      • spawnLocation (x,y,z,pitch,yaw)
        • define the default spawn location for the world
      • playerLimit (int)
        • Limit the max number of players in the world (-1 for infinite)
      • allowFlight (boolean)
        • Allow/Disallow flying from non creative/op players
      • useWorldPermission (boolean)
        • Require / Dont Require the permission node to enter the world
          • Node: omniverse.allowworld.<worldName>
      • prefixAlias (string)
        • Set a prefix for chat for each world
      • readOnly (boolean)
        • Makes it so the map is like a "museum map" You can access anything but it wont let you take items nor shoot items out of dispensers, etc.. (if set to true) You can literally view chests contents but cant take from them (nor add). You wont die, you cant drop items as well.
    • Permission Node "Per World"
      • omniverse.allowworld.<worldName>
      • This node can be overridden if you choose to set the "useWorldPermission" to false for any specified world.
  3. Fahlur Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Completed Snapshot(s) Information

    Build-Snapshot #YYwWWx: -Reserved for next update-

    Build-Snapshot #XXwXXx:
    • Next build coming soon
    Build-Snapshot #17w37a:
    • Populated WorldBuilder class with get functions and the actual builder class to build the world
    • Next will be the configuration setters within the class, updating the world creation class to the new setup.
    • Note: After the new setup is done, and the worlds yml file populates with the proper data to use in the config, the next development build will be posted to dev for passive testing 2.
    • Added "import" world command class file and prepared it for programming.
    • Added "unload" world command class file and prepared it for programming.
    • Added "reload" command class file and prepared it for programming.
    • ....
    Build-Snapshot #17w36b (Hot-Fix pt 2):
    • Fixed issue with /ov list returning NPE when no worlds are present
    • Fixed issue with worlds not properly loading on restarts
    • Fixed issue with worlds not maintaining their world type
    • Began creation of custom settings per world (via WorldDimension)
    • Known Issue: Falling from a height (Specifically shown in the Nether world type)
      • Through tests, this didn't show in flat world type and not normal in the regular world type. This will be fixed in the next snapshot, and will finish adding the per world configurations.
    Build-Snapshot #17w36a (Hot-Fix):
    • Fixed issue with worlds not properly loading when server restarts
    • Known Issue: Nether and End Dimension worlds will reset to a basic over-world biome on server restart, this issue will be fixed in a future snapshot (next one)
    • Known Issue: /ov list decided to stop properly working for no worlds existing. (NPE)
    • Added statement when world is being created. (After command run)
    • Added statement when world is being removed. (After command run)
    -- Development Release #001 (Snapshots #17w35a - #17w35c2)
    • Prepared config.yml for next build.
    • Prepared worldresets.yml for future build
    • Prepared class for world reset command
    • Created Message Handler for cleaner messages for....
      • Console Messages
      • In Game Messages
    • Current Code Clean-Up and "Prettify"
    • Updated create world sub command
      • /omniverse create <worldName> <type> <enviroment> <seed>
        • type: Amplified, Flat, Large_Biomes, Normal (default: normal)
        • enviroment: normal, nether, the_end (default normal)
        • seed: enter value or leave blank for random (default: random)
    • Created "worlds.yml" for storing world data.
      • Worlds that are created are added to worlds.yml for configuration
      • Worlds that are removed are removed from the worlds.yml as well
    • Created "list" argument to list worlds
      • /omniverse list
    • Specialized configuration file api (allows multiple things including notes in the config file)
    • Main Plugin Command /omniverse or /ov
    • Current Sub Command Arguments
      • Create <worldName>
        • Creates a world with specified name
      • Delete <worldName>
        • Deletes world with specified name
      • GetWorld
        • Provides command sender (player) with current world information
      • Version
        • Returns the plugin version
      • Warp <worldName>
        • Teleports you to the designated worlds spawn
    • Plugin pre-loads worlds on load

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