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Ginglees Making Fun Of Hurricane Irma

Discussion in 'Reports' started by wildjack2002, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. wildjack2002 Distinguished Member

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    On 9/09/2017 ACDT time Ginglees was caught violating the "Dont be a Dick rule". The way Ginglees proceeded to do this was making fun of the hurricane currently approaching Florida. Specifically Hurricane Irma. Ginglees started by bringing up the topic by saying "I feel rlly bad for fl" implying that he did care. But it all changed from that point on. Next Ginglees proceeded to ask us if anyone was going to get hit very un-formatted and inappropriate like it wasn't a touchy subject. Next when I told him that the player Woodyparker was going to get hit he responded with "oh great" which raised suspicions among us that Ginglees didn't care but soon tried to explain he didn't mean it that way and was actually being sarcastic about it which was no help due to the fact that Woodyparker could be in great danger! Then Ginglees proceeded to tell us "RIP WOODY" like it was some sort of sick joke. After this inappropriate message Ginglees further expressed his little to no concern about the situation by messaging things like " if he [Woody] lives in florida then he is DOOMED". After this I kindly asked Ginlgees to stop talking about hurricanes and if we could switch the subject. Once I asked Ginglees this he replied with "I [Ginglees] LOVE WEATHER THO!!!" of which completely was uncalled for and inappropriate. I quickly responded to this with "This is no laughing matter" and Ginglees unkindly replied with "ahahahaha" and "LOL" thinking he was making an appropriate joke. He tried to apologize after but it was too late for an apology after what he had done and quickly left. He earlier implied that Hurricane Sandy hit him of which I believe he was trying to give a reason of making fun of Hurricane Irma through just because he was hit. Honestly I thought this was completely uncalled for and rude for the fact that Ginglees thought it was appropriate to make fun of such a subject with little to no care of the other people around him. That is why I am reporting him.

    Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/6MZsh
  2. woodyparker Distinguished Member

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    Yeah :( Its no fun down here.

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