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With New Map Coming Up, Willing To Patronage People

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by kered987, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. kered987 Distinguished Member

    Hey.. new map coming up in a couple of months (according to rumor mill)

    I have some spare gold and lotsa materials for projects if anyone is looking

    several double zombie spawners/ double regular spiders

    also 2 or 3 penta cave spider finds if anyone wants to try a build

    id just add u on the owners list . no need for cash expenditures

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  2. pilotkip Administrator

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    Progress towards the next map is slow, so don't assume it will be any time soon. 1.13 is slated to be released in the 2nd quarter of this year, so it would make sense for us to wait for that, as well.

    In the mean time, we need to figure out our new Rank/Perk system!
  3. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    In the meantime on Discord I have a "Fahlurs-Reliquary" I have been posting any and all plugin related things ive been up to lately, incuding but not limited my my pet project (beyondMinecraft) and petExchange, any ideas for changes to an existing plugin in my list of my supported plugins are welcome to be posted. Such as maybe slight feature changes, added features, etc, etc.

    Just be sure to post there and use @Fahlur at the beginning so it alerts me to it.


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