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Server News Plans For Map 7

Discussion in 'News' started by pilotkip, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. pilotkip Administrator

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    Howdy folks! With the upcoming 1.13 release, Mojang has completely re-written the terrain generator, making a map reset necessary. So now is time to start planning for what TimGaming will be like in Map 7.

    One aspect we are planning to emphasize is a sense of Community. To this end we are going to encourage the establishment of cities. Cities will have a formal definition, such as a minimum number of members. In return, cities will receive perks, including being safe from hostile mobs. Cities will have to remain active, or lose their city status.

    We also will be re-vamping the Rank system. We went the entire map 6 without a legit way to rank up and earn perks. We would like to create a new system that rewards players for doing things that benefit the server, such as playing, building, participating in the community, and recruiting new players. Unlike years past, ranks will have to be maintained, and will evaporate if players become inactive for long periods of time.

    "When will the map reset?"
    The date has not been set. When we have a date, we will give you at least 30 days notice. LOTS of stuff needs to happen before that, including Mojang releasing 1.13 (slated to happen in the second quarter of 2018). All of our major plugins need to be tested in the new version. New plugins need to be created to implement the new City and Rank policies. And last, but not least, we need to build a new Spawn.

    "Can I help?"
    Absolutely. We need all the help we can get. Right now we are in the planning stages, but soon we will need testers and builders. We have a channel on the Discord server dedicated to Map 7. Come join us over there to see how you can help. https://discord.gg/hEtuGFq
  2. Fahlur Exalted Member

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    When will we update to 1.13?
    We have to wait for spigot to update to 1.13 with their api, but spigot can not update until 1.13 Minecraft is officially release by Mojang so Spigot can do what they need to do to update their api.

    We also can not move to the new api until we have tested all our plugins. As I can update my plugins and other custom ones pretty quickly. We still have to wait for 3rd party developers such of that for World Guard, World Edit, Vault, etc to make their needed updates as well, which of course is at their convenience.

    What plugins do we have to wait for after 1.13 spigot is release?
    I have posted a check list on the discord on its own text channel called #map-7-preperation-checklist so you can see what we are waiting for on the new update.
  3. woodyparker Distinguished Member

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    As long as we have a purge again :)
  4. MrPumpkin Distinguished Member

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    No kidding, 1.12.2 has diamonds about every 25 blocks, and 1.13 has them every 200. Although these are rough estimates, if they are even remotely accurate diamonds are going to be on the pricey side.
  5. DiscoSensation Distinguished Member

    do past donors get to keep their ranks? also ill add some touches to the next spawn if you guys want
  6. CrazyTruffles Distinguished Member

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    Pilot! it’s me lol been like a year and a half but I was hopping on to see how it’s going. Is timcraft still alive???

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