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Infamous Mod Quotes

Discussion in 'Everything Chat' started by orviseatsapples, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. EnderSouza Distinguished Member

    yusss.... very infamous.... *pets cat and laughs menacingly*
  2. Maww Mawwderator

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    "Tims you should know by now that if there's TNT in the area, I'm GOING to punch it."
  3. halfdane Fun Police

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  4. Malvian Member

  5. Malvian Member

    Coolkidmad2 on ventrilo mic: Ok guys, theres a naked lady in my room ey, see ya later!

    Coolkidmad2 on ventrilo mic: Ive been laying down wood for so long!
  6. JeDtHeDoG Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    ... o_O just had to go there didn't you...
  7. coolkidmad2 Moderator

    hey malvian, its eh, eh.
  8. chuckwc Member

    Oh canadians...
  9. Erollinus Propdep of Minitrue

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  10. Malvian Member

    He left his enthusiasm in his other pants, He's suddenly doing this, what the fuck, this is weird as shit
  11. chuckwc Member

    We can all read, Malvian, thanks. :p
  12. DOAPunishment Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    But not all can read backwards as I recently discovered.
  13. JeDtHeDoG Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:

    <3 you dream
  14. adurlene Banned

    I have no idea how that line could fit into any conversation... Im abit conserned now...
  15. chuckwc Member

    "I will leave this server if you have to take a dump in-game..." - halfdane
  16. mwake456 Moderator

  17. Malvian Member

    Orvis on mic @ Tims: Tims, there's something I haven't told you yet...

    Me interrupting: Your secretly a guy?

    Orvis: I really hate pretzels.

    Tims: Really (cont.) Malv's thing would have been better..
  18. EntropicRequiem Deadpool, the 'Tard Wrangler

    Minecraft Username:
    Tobiasredfox(when he was a mod): "You don't like Lava. It LOVES you."

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