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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by hurricane2010, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. hurricane2010 Member

    is there a list of commands that i can see, i dont know how to make commands in the game and i dont know where to look.
    the suggestion is if there isn't one that there should be one
  2. EnderSouza Distinguished Member

    i had a polite version before this, but i changed my mind.

    RTFM aka read the fucking manual.

    synonyms of manual:
    instructions and GUIDE

    have you looked for manuals, instructions, or GUIDES on the forums yet? or did you just think to go straight to asking people to hand feed you answers?

    have a wonderful day,
  3. TheGoodDoctor373 Distinguished Member

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    Try typing /help in game.
  4. hurricane2010 Member

    the manuals (all seven of them, "iron and copper" is the bloody codephrase) don't tell me how to add people to my permissions list in my plot, they dont tell me how to remove them when they try to steal from me, dont tell me how to edit it so outsiders can't open my doors, and dont tell me how to read anything other than the first page of the help page. all im asking for is the syntax and to try to put it on one page so i dont have to open seven different browsers to veiw them all.
    And being polite is always a nice way to start, it sets the stage for a calm conversation.
  5. Erollinus Propdep of Minitrue

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    Adding people to their prots:

    addowner adds them as an owner- they can edit who is, and isn't, on the lot. addmember is someone who can only edit the physical properties of the lot.

    So with that in mind, let's say I want to add someone to erosfictionalcity. So I'd do /region addowner erosfictionalcity hurricane2010 . You can add multiple people at once, just put a space, and SPACE only, between their names. To delete them from the lot, it's /region removeowner (or removemember) erosfictionacity hurricane2010 . Simple, easy peasy.

    Not sure what flags you have access to- but the most popular was is the use flag. If you set this to deny, the only people who can flip switches, open doors, activate redstone mechanisms are owners/members of that lot. THe syntax for that is, using erosfictionalcity again as a guideline, /region flag erosfictionalcity use deny . If you want to let people use it, you can either flag it as "use allow" or "use none".

    I'll go ahead and write up a post and put it under guides that is a more formal "these are your commands". Hope this helps.
  6. hurricane2010 Member

    thank you very much
  7. Bloedig Distinguished Member

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    Erollinus rocks it again!

    These were very helpful (region flag one!) for those of use that have looked at the guides a bunch of times (and yes, read the beginners guide a number of times). I think the info is vast and sometimes things get lost in mega posts.

    Thanks Erollinus!
  8. Bloedig Distinguished Member

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    I think the /region flag commands are broken or something. I can't get any to work (60vip level)
  9. nmckay Distinguished Member

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    Ya same here but tims said it was a WorldGuard issue when I asked him and he said he'll look into a solution.
  10. sgtspaghetti Distinguished Member

    If i wanted to let no one use a door except the people allowed in the protection, can i do that or does it need to be a donor that sets the flag for certain people?
  11. timsandtoms Administrationator

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    You need to set the "use" flag to "deny". /region flag LOTNAME use deny. But that only works with redstone stuff, like pressure pads and doors, so it needs to be an iron door.
  12. TheGoodDoctor373 Distinguished Member

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    Works with wooden doors to.
  13. nmckay Distinguished Member

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    Really I thought you couldn't use the /region flag [region name] use deny flag anymore.
  14. sgtspaghetti Distinguished Member

    How do i deny use of [lift up/down] signs

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