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Short Forms

Discussion in 'Everything Chat' started by tyson_hunter, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. tyson_hunter Member

    In this thread I HOPE to see the short forms of things (e.g. PIXL, ROSE, etc) and the form that YOU think is it or just think is lol-worthy.

    I'll start is off:

    PIXL: Pink Internet Xylophones of Love
    CLAW: Christmas-Licking, Awesome Walruses
    WAVE: Wise Afidados with Violent Enterprises
    ROSE: Running, Old, Silly Elk
    BOOM: Burritos Of Odd Makings
    CMNT: Cocky Minxes on Nether Turtles
    TLDR: Tortillas Licking Dying Rams
    IKR: Invisible Killing Radishes
    EP1C: Ellegant Pandas of 1 Century

    And that is a lot already, so I've said enough...
    Your turn! :D
  2. Alexwentworth Member

    FEAR: For Each, A Rabbit!
  3. adurlene Banned

    Fear: Fuck everyone, and rabbits
  4. Cobblewolf Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    ROAR: Running Oxes On Reptiles

    hahaha nice adur (and alex)
  5. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    RAIN: Rhinos ate Irish Noobs
  6. Cooperade Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Can't do mine bitches
  7. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
  8. TheGoodDoctor373 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
  9. Sgt_Sheep Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Wool:wierd outhouses on likodin.
  10. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

    Minecraft Username:
    10,000,000 Kitties.
  11. Cobblewolf Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    CLAN: Claustrophobic League As Nouns
  12. nmckay Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    SICK: Sickly Icky Crappy Kangaroos
  13. adurlene Banned


    Wiener over-dosed opposed losers
  14. 7ShockWave7 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    100k: 1 man, 0 hearts, 0 creepers. Kickass

    It works. >:)

    RED: Running Edible Dorks

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