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The Next Big Thing

Discussion in 'Cities and Projects' started by Dan_the_man85, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    TimCraft has seemed to, in a way, fallen apart. There is a LOT of bitching and arguing going on, and it seems that too many enemies are being made. And nothing is bringing the community together. So this is my proposal: We make something better than Buckingham. That's right, better. I've had a few ideas swirl in my head but nothing I'm all "Heck yeah let's do it" about.

    Things I've thought of making:
    White House
    Twin Towers
    Statue of Liberty
    Willis Tower (Aka Sears Tower)
    Taj Mahal
    Notre Dame
    Pentagon (not sure if that's the best shape to build in Minecraft)
    Space Needle (or whatever it's called, the pointy thing in Seattle)
    Eiffel Tower
    The Washington Monument and The Mall
    The Arch in St. Louis
    Space elevator
    Hollywood sign
    Empire State Building
    The Hanging Garden
    A famous art museum
    A famous garden
    A famous bridge (ie Golden Gate Bridge)

    Im thinking that either we build one massive thing, or we split workers and build multiple things. I kinda like the ideas of Famous American Architecture, or Architecture Through the Ages. Both my ideas involve having multiple buildings. My favorite idea is the American Architecture one. It'd start with the White House, then lead out to The Mall and Washington Monument. And then other buildings, like the Sears Tower, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Arch, Twin Towers, etc. And an American flag!

    If anyone else has any ideas, I'd like to hear them.

    This is all in the planning stage, so donations aren't needed at the moment. But when I decide what will be built, I'll need builders, material getters, donations, and people that'd be willing to help with whatever else need to be done. I'd like this to work somewhat like Buckingham, so most items would be donated to the cause.
  2. Why all Yankee architecture? Although I can't participate, I would like to contribute a few ideas! How about a few aussie buildings like...

    The Sydney Opera House! http://www.sydney.com.au/images/sydney-opera-house.jpg

    And you thought the pentagon would be bad...



    [EDIT] And I agree about the bickering and what not, we need a good community project to keep everyone so busy that they don't have time to argue!
  3. Elmier Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    If I finish all my current project, I might build a massive monument for timcraft.
  4. Regragui Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    How about the parliament in Ottawa, Ontario?
  5. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

    Minecraft Username:
    Last I checked, Taj Mahal, Notre Dame, Hogwarts, the Eiffel Tower, the Hanging Gardens, and the Louvre aren't Yankee.
    (Louvre is almost mandatory if we're making a "famous art museum")
  6. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I jut liked the Yankee idea cause I'm a Yankeee. And proud of it.

    But I did take you non-Yankees into consideration. Either with the Through the Ages one, where you might be building a building from your country, and not always American. Or I was thinking that we could make things from different countries
  7. andman1 Distinguished Member

    Let's make them all.
    Also, I'm sure there would be less bitching if Tobias was a mod.
  8. Bloedig Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I see a need for that second server to be used. Big buildings or a city build server. No PvP or clan garbage, just pure survival / build server.
  9. Pupps90 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I'd help with the twin towers. I started them on the last map... but in order to get the height right I had to dig to bedrock. So yeah. Un finished buisness.
  10. waffle027 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    well no one ever takes me up on this, but i'd be glad to help with building
  11. TheGoodDoctor373 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Those would be hard to make since theres no pictures of them.
  12. kill_sillent Veteran Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Ive been working on my version of the Parthenon.. Ive done the outer structure but the insides still need work.. if anyones interested let me know
  13. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Not sure if you can read this or not, but heres my proposed layout. The only problem will be finding an area big enough for all this.
    Also, I can't be leading every project, so I would need other players to step up and take charge of a building.

    Right now, I'd like to ask Reg if he'd like to be the lead contractor for the Canadian Parliament, and Pupps to be the lead contractor for the Twin Towers. As lead contractors you'd be able to recruit workers to help you build the structure. I'll explain this further once I get everything figured out.
  14. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

    Minecraft Username:
    How big are the sides of those shapes?
    The problem I'm seeing is the Taj Mahal will be sideways. It'd look better facing the pool.
    Also, with Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower, I assume there'd be some sort of walkway to them, hence the rectangular shape, not squares.
    Also also, I REALLY hope that's not to scale. Those "pools" would be more like oceans.

    I'll talk to tims, but with Wolm banned, we could probably use the 551x551 protection that is RoseCastor.
    Unless he gave it to someone already.
  15. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    The picture is in NO WAY to scale. It's just a rough plotting of where building would go. I see what you're saying about the Taj Mahal, but I don't know how it'd look having the Twin Towers on the sides because of the massive size. But, if we get RoseCastor manor for this, things could be arranged VERY differently. But how'd that work with all the mini-cities there? I've never looked around much so I don't know if there is enough space for the buildings. Any idea how much space there is before it gets to the cities?

    And the pools I had were kinda meant to be like the Mall by the Washington Monument. Just 1 deep water, more for aesthetics than anything.
  16. kill_sillent Veteran Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Dan if you want I can start working on any one of the buildings in my city.. just give me a base dimension size for a rough idea on how big i should make it
  17. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Well, I'd like them to be in the same area, so if you started building, we'd need to pay the ridiculous copy/paste fee. Which is 10 tims a block i think.
  18. kill_sillent Veteran Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I can get it moved, thats not an issue
  19. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Okay, I'll try to come up with some dimensions for you to start working on. Any project you'd prefer to have?
  20. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

    Minecraft Username:
    Dan, If I can get ownership of RoseCastor back, It wouldn't be hard to evict people. Most people don't even live there or use it anymore.

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