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Plugin suggestion - Found diamonds.

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by urbn, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. urbn Distinguished Member

    I wanted to suggest the plugin "Found Diamonds".

    It is a pretty simple plugin, but I think the 2 features is offers would really benefit the server.

    When a user finds <block name> where block name can be set for the plugin (Diamonds, gold, iron, whatever) A chat notification apears in chat "Player name found Diamonds!" or "Player name found Gold!"

    The script has a timer to not repeat over a specific period of time (like 30 seconds by default) so if you find 8 blocks of gold it doesn't alert 8 times.

    On the servers I've seen this on it adds quite a bit to chat / show off their abilities, and obviously adds alot of extra conversation.

    This would also let players report possible xrayers / hacks when no mods are on, or late at night. If other players see another player finding hundreds of gold/diamond in a 1 hour time they could report it (so that staff and look at logs) which would hopefully help with catching possible cheaters.
  2. TheGoodDoctor373 Distinguished Member

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    So if I see Elmier found diamonds I can go on dynamic map, find him, and possibly also find diamonds. Maybe more people will come and look for diamonds in the mine Elmier built. Maybe Elmier will think we're stealing HIS diamonds and start burning people. That'll be so much fun...
  3. Tashadon Member

    It would be a pointless plugin and people spam excitement already wen they find gold or diamonds anyway
  4. flashbash64 Member

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    Hey, there's these cool things called a ban or a kick. Ever heard of them? Plus, if they're spamming those blocks, they might as well just be spamming with the top arrow key feature recently added to Minecraft.

    I like the idea.
  5. timsandtoms Administrationator

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    We have something similar already, but a lot more robust/finely tuned. Plus, announcing it in chat would spam the hell outta everybody, when the server is even 1/4 full, there are a LOT of ores being found.

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