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The Wondering merchant an idea :)

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by Tashadon, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Tashadon Member

    OK basicly ive got a small idea for abit of nether fun and just wodnering if enough would be interested

    Basicly what i will be doing is at some point or time (ideally when alot are on the server) Im going to go into the nether with lots of goodies on me. Now the idea is im just goignto wonder thru the nether and any1 can come kill me and take my goodies.

    Not sure when i do it but will be soon and if thers enough interest what i will do is pack lots of stuff announce im going into the nerther before hand orget a mod to make the annoucnemt and with any hope i will be chased down and ether killed or asked to hand over my loot :) you choose.

    I will also be going quite deep into the nether to expect alot of walking. I may also take donations for this i will try and take stuff worth taking but will also take a few random things i dont use maybe also wools, iron, pistons, repeaters and maybe gold.

    if i get enough replys and stuff will do this in a few days or maybe the weekend.
  2. ECMBlacklite Redstone Engineer

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  3. yaha21 Distinguished Member

    Sounds like a great way to troll...
  4. Tashadon Member

    Keep things on topic black not brainless spam.
  5. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

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    Your spelling and grammar was brainless, so he posted it.
  6. kingmario75 Distinguished Member

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    I think you'd fall in lava and loose all yor shit before anyone could find you...
  7. ECMBlacklite Redstone Engineer

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    My post was VERY relevent. Your spelling and grammar was awful.
  8. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

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    So, what are you wondering about? I can answer any questions related to the server that you might have. I can google all the rest.
  9. Tashadon Member

    The topic is readable its just grammar nazis can't read. They look for mistakes rather than just reading. There's alot of people on here who don't bother with grammar and I read them just fine. All I do to understand is read it.

    Now on topic is anyone interested in the idea or are you more interested in writing a book and trying to act all big ?. Also learn the difference between spelling and typos some of them are clearly typos and if u can't work out what 1s I really worry for u.
  10. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

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    No one said we can't work out what it is. We just want to watch the world learn.
    If you can't spend 30 seconds checking over your post for your typos, then we will. :)
    You're doing this to yourself, really.
  11. ECMBlacklite Redstone Engineer

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    I just don't want to watch people cheat themselves. By using "interweb language", you're making it more difficult to actually spell things right when it counts. Also, "u" and "any1" are not typos. Those are just you being too lazy to type 2 more letters.

    And I'm a grammar Nazi. It's what I do.
  12. nmckay Distinguished Member

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    So, I have an idea and I'm wondering if enough people would be interested in doing it with me.

    What I will be doing at some random point in time, hopefully there are a lot of players on the server/nether, is going into the nether with lots of good items on me. Now, I will go walking through the nether and the person who kills me gets all of the items!

    I'm not yet sure when I will do this, but hopefully it will be soon. If there is enough interest in my idea I will grab lots of items and announce when I'm going into the nether. Or maybe I'll get a mod to do /broadcast. (The next part I don't find relevant and don't get so I will not be translating it)

    I will be deep in the nether so expect a lot of walking. It's possible I may take donations for the stuff I use. I will also take a few random things such as wools, iron, pistons, repeaters, and maybe even gold!

    So this is my idea, and if I get enough stuff I could do this in a few days, or maybe even on the weekend!
  13. Tashadon Member

    This is a post about a idea not grammar clearly every1 cna understand it so comment on the idea. If u want to write a book go to a forum about books and saka yes its ok to get help yes but every comment in 90% of people posts is some grammaar nazi going off topic.
    now i will ignore all comments but whats on topic if people cant keep on topic find somewhere els to spam.
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  14. yaha21 Distinguished Member

    I'd help donate good friend...
  15. Tashadon Member

    lol dont worry yaha i did this for a comunity idea give something to do but as always the forums are just full of bullys and people who people who would rather troll than actully do anything to make the game more interesting. If people focus on net chat, typos and stuf like that rather than giving ideas clearly no1 <(did it as black clearly has no ability to read) then clearly posting here is pointless. Might aswell delete this thread as the idea for abit of fun has turn into a forum post about how to be a prick to someone.

    Sakas remark was the only remark that had any point to it but still at the end of the day im trying to do something for every1 i dont give a dam about grammar. This post was an idea and the fact its readable and only needed replys yes, no or maybe or feed back just makes it worse. Clearly no1 has the slightest bit of interst in doing anything on here anymore so guess ill just build and do things with friends.
  16. timsandtoms Administrationator

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    I'll be honest with you. My policy is that posts that aren't worth proofreading aren't worth me reading. My thinking is that if it's not important enough to take two minutes to read over and think about how to clean up basic mistakes to make it easier to read, then it honestly probably isn't thought out well enough for me to spend time contemplating how to implement or the possible ramifications or if we should support it, etc. I agree, grammar nazis are annoying as hell at times, but no ones going to fault you for missing a few capitols or missing a comma or two. but wen u tlk liek dis 2 other plays it b 2 hrd 4 me to red!1!
  17. nmckay Distinguished Member

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    All hail tims!
  18. kingmario75 Distinguished Member

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    This is a post about an idea. If you would like to write a book, create another post about books. Also, yes saka, it is ok to get help, I find it annoying however when ten percent of the posts are about grammar. Moving on, I will now ignonre all posts that do not pertain to the original idea. If people can't keep on topic the should go elsewhere to nag.
    I believe this is closer to what you meant to say. :)
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  19. ECMBlacklite Redstone Engineer

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    ^ I like this guy.
  20. PKAtomsk Veteran Member

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    The name of this post is rather misleading. The idea that came to mind was an NPC in the nether that well wandered. Continuing with the theme that while difficult to find and difficult to get away with your goodies (people stalking him and killing you once you purchased something, ghasts, zombies, other such nether fun) he would have amazing things to purchase, stuff that you couldn't normally purchase like tools, harder to find, like diamonds (even though they are cheaper than gold) or something super rare like an enchanted weapon(generated randomly or something).
    The way you describe it is what we do anyway, kill some random person in the nether and hope he has good crap, oh and if we donate we are donating to get what we donated back, because lets face it the only people able to find and kill you are people who can acquire all the stuff you would be taking down there anyway and not the new people who actually can't get it without a bit of help or spending about 3 days to get the tims to make it themselves.
    And you never told us what happens if no one finds you for all we know you are going to get a lot of good stuff, say ok I will be down there for an hour, dig a pit and hide in it and keep the stuff people donated, on top of that if a ghast gets you or you fall in lava then a lot of people donated for no reason.

    TL/DR version
    The name sounds good but the implementation seems shaky at best,

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