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Timgaming Contest

Discussion in 'Help, Support, and Bug Reports.' started by Tyler, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Tyler Distinguished Member

    I'm very sorry about this, but pupps90 said I had been cheating in the contest. I had no idea that you weren't allowed to place down an ore then re-mine it. There were no rules on the forum post so I thought you could do it. But it was my fault on doing it and I shouldn't have been cheating like that. If any admins have time, I would appreciate it for them to reset my score so I can continue with this competition. I am very sorry about this once again.

  2. Pupps90 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I'll back him up on this one. He seemed sincere about being sorry, and after he was told, he stopped.
  3. Tyler Distinguished Member

    Note: This was only the 1st day so it would only be 100 if anything

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