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Server Update The big PVP update!

Discussion in 'News' started by timsandtoms, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. timsandtoms Administrationator

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    I'm very please to announce the TimGaming PvP update! I know a lot of you have been eager to PvP for a long while, and it's finally here! Here's how it'll all work. First up, what this update is and isn't.

    What it isn't/doesn't have:
    • It will not have a specific arena like last map, at least not currently.
    • It will not be any specific world, like the Nether was previously.
    • It will not be always on, for everyone, everywhere.
    What it is/does have:
    • It will be anywhere you want to PvP. That means you can make your own arenas, or fight in any world you choose, even the old maps!
    • It will be completely opt-in. Don't want to PvP? Don't have to. You don't need to worry about getting attacked when you don't want to fight!
    • It will have methods to prevent people from abusing mob disguises while PvPing.
    • It will have methods to prevent people from combat logging(Closing Minecraft to escape combat).
    Here's how it works. You will always log in with PvP disabled. If you would like to PvP, just type "/pvp", and it will enable it for you, in the CURRENT WORLD ONLY. You will only be able to fight other users who have also enabled PvP, and you will need to type "/pvp" again if you go to another world and would like to PvP there. Keep in mind that enabling PvP in one world does NOT disable it in the other worlds. When you die to another player, you will drop your items and take durability damage just as you normally would. If someone dies and drops their items, anyone is allowed to pick them up, as per usual. After you are done fighting, if you would like to disable PvP again, you must wait until it has been 30 seconds after your last PvP action(Enabling PvP, attacking another player, or taking damage from another player), and then type "/pvp" again.

    If, when you have PvP on, you are wearing a mob disguise, then upon taking damage, your disguise will be removed. You will not be able to deal damage to other players while you have a disguise active.

    To prevent combat logging(Logging out to avoid a fight), when a player deals or receives PvP damage, they will be tagged as in combat for 30 seconds. If during those 30 seconds, for ANY REASON, the player quits the game, be it by X-ing out, hitting Alt+F4, or quitting, they will instantly die, dropping any and all items, and remain dead upon next login. To check how much longer you are tagged as in combat for, type /ct.

    As of this post, everything is enabled on the server! Go forth, and stab each other repeatedly in the face with stuff!

    Commands for PvP:
    /pvp - Enables or disabled PvP in the current world.
    /ct - Checks how long you will remain in combat.
    adurlene scored the first PvP kill.
    The spawn platform is a safe zone. You don't need to worry about being spawn camped, you can always sit in spawn long enough(30 seconds) to disable PvP again.

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  2. Zovidavi Distinguished Member

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    YaY PvP is here:)
  3. iRaZeTiiGeRzZv1 Distinguished Member

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    ^Got the first death :3
  4. Zovidavi Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    iRaZe i died first lol by adurlene
  5. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    ERRR MERR GEERRRDD! Tims has an avatar!

    I like the way this PvP works
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  6. Zovidavi Distinguished Member

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    I'm in the picture Yay! lol
  7. TBritts Moderator

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    Adda boy, Adur.
  8. ECMBlacklite Redstone Engineer

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    You didn't mention anything about /jumpto. Hopefully it's disabled when /pvp is on.
  9. Bloedig Distinguished Member

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    Good system Tims!
  10. nmckay Distinguished Member

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  11. TBritts Moderator

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    Blacklite, it's not. /jumpto, /compass, /heal, it all works.

    This system is not going to work. It's fun and all, but it's not a good system to attract the server. People are signing on the server into a bloodbath- literally. I saw newbies sign on and be face to face with a crowd, too afraid to leave spawn and face Red, Ghost and I (haha). But new people doesn't understand the concept of /pvp. With 10+ people fighting all at once right in spawn, people think it's a PvP server. the "PvP Anywhere" aspect of this is not a good idea. It was a great idea, but maybe not perfect. It's hard to please everyone; much easier to piss everyone off. For constant PvPers, this system is great. It's an opportunity to get everyone caught up in the action, because when we have an arena 100 blocks away from spawn, in the OTHER DIRECTION, not enough people see it. But that's our only option. a PvP arena is the best way for everyone to know where PvP is, and know they're going into it. Yeah, we could just remove PvP in spawn. But what does that stop people from encountering people in the wilderness and saying "Say /pvp for diamonds!!!" With the arena system, there are constant reminders you are walking into a PvP zone, with signs, greetings, and people fighting before your eyes. This may not be perfect, but it's definitely one of our only options. I encourage people to suggest new ideas, but for now, I'd stick to the arena.

    (Just a tip to all PvP clan leaders... making an arena would be a great way to advertise a strong Player VS Player clan...)
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  12. iRaZeTiiGeRzZv1 Distinguished Member

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    I'm the guy with the axe for clarification! :D
  13. Bloedig Distinguished Member

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    Tbritts has some very good points there.
  14. ELITECR3W* Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I also think this is an interesting method for PvP on Tim Craft and I quite like it, though I strongly agree with Britts for the reasons stated.
  15. ECMBlacklite Redstone Engineer

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  16. timsandtoms Administrationator

    Minecraft Username:
    I want to avoid an arena only system for exactly the reasons you mentioned, as well as seemingly everyone complaining about whatever arena we have not being good enough, or only having one spot to duel their friend, when they don't want others interfering. It seemed last map that we had far more PvP complaints than we did PvP deaths, with no one offering up any sort of solutions. It was very disheartening for me to sit in-game and listen to people complain for hours about how everything we did regarding PvP was wrong, but not offering up any reasons or solutions. That's why it took so long this map to finally implement PvP, we could have easily just pasted in last maps arena and rolled with that, but that system had plenty of flaws as well, people not liking the arena, only having one place to PvP their friends, no way to prevent other people from getting involved, the inability to create your own arenas, etc etc etc. Just allowing players to create their own arenas isn't a good option, because we have two ways to do it. Allow them to edit the PvP flag for a region, and hope they do everything right(They won't. They'll make a protection, make it PvP, and kill people who had no idea), or allow them to create an arena, then a mod can come by and remove them from the protection and set it as PvP, with a message warning you as you enter. This is a bad option too, because a lot of layouts just aren't set up to have plenty of signs warning people around the entrance, and preventing them from jumping in from above(Unless we use portals, which mods can't set up currently), and there will ALWAYS be something people want to edit after they're removed from the protection, which means the mods will constantly need to be working on peoples arenas for them, or changing the flags repeatedly, etc.

    Personally, I think the few disadvantages this PvP system have are far better to have than the old system, and many can be worked around fairly well. I didn't even think about the issue of new folks walking into a bloodbath at spawn, but I think that's a fairly easy issue to fix, we can just create a small region covering the area immediately around the spawn platform/spawn town, or wherever ends up being a good spot for it, and flag it as PvP denied. The other issue we have is that there's no good system to disable donor powers in PvP(The /jumpto compass, and /heal, mainly, and to a lesser extent, /tpahere and /tpaccept, to prevent people teleporting in for ganks). To that extent, I agree that going back to an arena system would be better at preventing that, but then we lose out on the advantages of the current system. I think our best bet, really, is to have an arena specifically to prevent that sort of thing, alongside our current system. We'll fire up that PvP portal in the portal room(Which, btw, has fast access via going under the bridge right at the spawn platform!), and have it lead to an arena that has /heal, /jumpto, compass, /tpahere, and /tpaccept disabled, for the folks that want a more vanilla experience. I'm on the fence as to how to deal with the issue of the donor powers in player run arenas, but that's not nearly as crucial of an issue for the time being.

    tl;dr: Both PvP systems suck, but we can fix this one, we couldn't fix the old one. We're going to fix this one.

    EDIT: On the issue of people doing the "Say /pvp for diamonds!" thing, I have two notes on that. First, it actually happened quite often in the old arena("Follow me for free diamonds!" X has slain Y!), so that's not an issue unique to this system, but honestly, I have no sympathy for anyone that gullible. We'll never be able to 100% prevent scamming, but we can do our best to discourage it by punishing anyone who tries it, and providing good education about the various commands of the server(We REALLY need to get the guide section built).
  17. Duckky63 Ducktator

    Minecraft Username:
    Hahah I'm right in the front. Love it!
  18. stevobelfi Distinguished Member

    Wow, this is just amazing. I have no interest in pvp, but I would like others to be able to fight if they want to. This system is the perfect solution to the pvp argument on the server!
  19. skifrager Distinguished Member

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    It would be nice if we could set a flag in a property so when you are killed by a player you can keep your stuff for specialized arenas. on private properties
  20. Bcaseb Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    Say, when you type /pvp, several things happen.
    1. Your permissions are switched to pvp group, which is very basic permissions package.
    2. You are unable to deal or receive player-damage for a small amount of time, say 15-20 seconds.
    3. a small 10-15 block radius message saying playername is now a bandit/raider/pvp-er. This would prevent donors using their kits to get ganks as easily.
    This would also depend on the system to combat Combat-loggers, as logging in would give you your donor kit back and knock you out of pvp. say, 30 seconds after dealing/recieving damage and you log out you get a tempban of 5^(times youve combatlogged) minutes.

    Just my two cents on the situation.

    As far as Arenas are concerned, i've been toying with the idea of making a few arenas, maybe one or two with a trap, or a trick or two to them.
    I'm about 40-50% done with my adventure challenge, lacking inspiration for parts of it right now, so i'll get on and make an arena or three later tonight. I'll try and get a good spot somewhere near spawn, where people will see it.

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