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Selling Wool Statues/structures

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by BT267, Nov 13, 2012.


Do you think wool structures are epic, and neat to have?

Yes 1 vote(s) 11.1%
No 4 vote(s) 44.4%
They are cool sometimes, but lame sometimes. 4 vote(s) 44.4%
  1. BT267 Distinguished Member

    Well, I haven't been playing minecraft a lot lately, but i found something i really enjoy. And that is makeing wool structures such as diamond swords, nyan cat, huge mobs, etc. So i have decieded to open a business of this up on timgaming. If you would like a wool structure, please leave a post here or use /mail bt267 ingame. I usually get on every 2-3 days, so if i don't respond right away that is why. The price will depend on colors used, the size of the structure, and the difficulty. An example of my work is in the cozy cabin community. If U'd like to see it, just ask for a tp in-game. I will be putting more structures around there. If an area needs to be cleared before i make the structure, it will also cost extra. Thank you for reading, and i look forward to doing businesses with you. My latest creation can be seen if u ask for a tp in-game.

    thanks again, bt267

    We are back open again, people of timcraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We now have 1 thing to add though, If you would like your structure to not have a chance of being taken away, make sure it fits the theme of the area u want it. Other than that, I'm accepting all projects! No matter what it is, tell me and im sure i can find a way!!!!!!!!!!

    WARNING! If your projects are deleted by a mod, that is the risk you take when having pixel art/wool structures on your property.
  2. adurlene Banned

    Id love one, but I believe there is an old rule against pixl art on timcraft.

    Tims, remove it. NAWO
  3. BT267 Distinguished Member

    What??????? I was never informed of this. ill ask tims
  4. kfbullitt Distinguished Member

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  5. BT267 Distinguished Member

  6. boar401s2 Mr. Roboto

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    There WAS an old rule against pixel art... I thought it still applied :3
  7. BT267 Distinguished Member

    I am now making structures again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please read in the light green for the new rule, and make sure to see the warning before u order a structure. If you would like to see how the rule on wool/pixel art stands, please look in the thread called "The rule against pixel art should be revoked" in the suggestions/ideas tab. It should give u a good idea of where the rule stands now. But yea, im accepting projects, so please tell me here or in-game if u need something built! Thanks guys!!!!!!!
  8. Chris Member

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    Are you selling wool?
  9. sargeant55 Distinguished Member

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    can you stop with the colors it hurts my eyes
  10. BT267 Distinguished Member

    Yes, i am selling wool. Please post here what colors and how much of them u need, and i can gather them in-game for you.
    Sorry, but i wove colors. Plus, they add something to the post. Why? Do colors bother you? :D
  11. kfbullitt Distinguished Member

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    Do you do 3D art also, my dear boy?
  12. BT267 Distinguished Member

    Yes, my dear man i do do 3-d art. It's pretty much the same thing as pixel art. haha...... i said do do......... :p
  13. sargeant55 Distinguished Member

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    yes they do.
  14. BT267 Distinguished Member

    Well, sorry, but i like em.

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