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Banned: hudda_7 & angusstar

Discussion in 'Bans' started by michaelfoley, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. michaelfoley Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    Banned: hudda_7 & angusstar

    Reason: X-Ray mod

    Witnesses: GBhitman, Michaelfoley
  2. AngusStar Distinguished Member

    Read my appeal please it will explain
    and when i said about xray mod i was joking -_- i say that to all of my freinds
  3. AngusStar Distinguished Member

    Why arent the rest of the group members banned either i am as innocent as them and i find it unfair that i should be punished and two others go free.

    Topic Two: How long is the ban if it is not perminant please give me a time and date
  4. Hudda_7 Member

    I think it's for the best if they don't get banned.. Just because this Mod made a mistake for us doesn't mean it has to happen to everyone :\
  5. AngusStar Distinguished Member

    I can agree with that hudda but i am a bit depressed about the hole thing
  6. Hudda_7 Member

    Same :\ Haha you even asked me if I had an X-Ray hack lmao.
  7. AngusStar Distinguished Member

    Yeah i joke about it to tonnes of my freinds lol but i hope this blow's over fairly quickly ):
  8. Hudda_7 Member

    Me too :( Guess that's the punishment of getting lucky :O
  9. AngusStar Distinguished Member

    Ha ha i personally wouldnt joke right now but just seeing as you added that my freind got six gold today and i get banned because i got stuff a little more then that O: also dont delete protection because i share houses with two freinds!
  10. Hudda_7 Member

    Op, so do I D:
  11. AngusStar Distinguished Member

    Well hudda i hope we are still freinds after this And i hope mods dont hate me for there mistake
  12. Hudda_7 Member

    We will be :) don't worry.
  13. Erollinus Propdep of Minitrue

    Minecraft Username:
    Oi, you two- KNOCK it off. Reports and Appeals is NOT for you two to have a lengthy discussion about whatever you two want. You want to start a thread in the off topic part of the forum? Go for it. But stop it here. You two have been formally warned.
  14. AngusStar Distinguished Member

    Ok its been two weeks can Hudda_7 and i be unbanned
  15. michaelfoley Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    I believe you are already unbanned

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