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The Amount Of Mobs...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by vellandawg, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. vellandawg Veteran Member

  2. CelticChristoph Potatorator

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    We try our best to manage this, however there are too many people with farms for us to manage this completely on our own.

    So please, if you see a farm that you think is suspicious and has an excessive amount of mobs, let a moderator know. We're pretty good at finding them, but we're not perfect. Well, apparently, some of us think we are.

    As a side note: do NOT deal with these farms on your own. You could potentially get in trouble yourself, and that would suck, since you were just trying to help.

    To the players with farms, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE keep an eye on your animal/monster farms! If you're getting to the point where you have tons of animals, please consider trimming back a bit. I realize that having HUGE farms is great and all, but it can begin to cause serious lag issue for the rest of the players if there are too many in one spot. In particular I'm looking at you players with really good mob-grinders that they leave sitting for hours.

    If moderators see this happening, we will not hesitate to come in and remove the animals/monsters in question. We also will frequently remove pieces of mob-grinding machines/chicken farms/etc. that keep it functional so as to stop it from continuing to produce lag.

    That being said, you are all completely welcome to have a farm, just try and have some common sense. No single players needs 300 cows, 6000 chickens, 1500 sheep, and a triple-mob grinder that they've left sitting for 2 hours. That's just silly.
  3. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

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    Except me. Cause reasons.
  4. adurlene Banned

    When I do go mob grinding, I have found that 180 mobs is nearly perfect for getting to level 30. However, I kill them all at once, so before I kill them, there are 180 mobs in a single area. The server is pretty high end, but I am not sure if that is enough to lag the server.
  5. CelticChristoph Potatorator

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    I'm okay with that if you are thing promptly killing them right after. However, if you have 180 mobs, decide that isn't enough, and continue to then go do other things while in range of the spawners... I'm not so cool with that. That seems like more than enough mobs per sitting.
  6. adurlene Banned


    One thing I forgot to mention was I kill them all at once with a health potion/damage potion depending on the mob, and when I do that, it produces lots of lag for me (fps drops to 1-2). Would that cause server lag as well, or just client side.
  7. CelticChristoph Potatorator

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    That's mostly going to be client side lag, however that would add to the server load if you leave all of the items floating. However, if you pick all of the items up or dispose of them using fire/lava/cactus/etc., it should be fine.
  8. sgtspaghetti Distinguished Member

    Yea. I sorta left my double on the hardcore server running. for 6 hours. It caused immense lag anywhere near the server and I lagged out twice before I managed to suicide with some damage pots next to the mobs.

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