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Community News Aqua Mining Competition

Discussion in 'Community News' started by MarvinTheRobot, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. MarvinTheRobot Paranoid Android

    Minecraft Username:
    We're in need of iron for our beacon pyramids... in need of a lot of iron, so we're hosting a server wide mining contest to get it :D.
    Use this link to promot it ingame: http://tinyurl.com/aqua-mining-competition

    The good news for you is... you can win prizes and earn money.

    1) 1 million tims
    2) under water lot in Aquatia
    3) 1 beacon
    4) one lot on top of the water + 1 villager egg + 2 stacks of emeralds
    5) one lot on top of the water + 1 villager egg + 2 stacks of xp potions
    6) one lot on top of the water + 2 diamond breast plates + 2 stacks of emeralds
    7) one lot on top of the water + 1 diamond breast plate + 5 diamond picks
    8) one lot on top of the water + 1 diamond breast plate + 2 stacks of xp potions

    Meaning, that the first 8 teams will get a prize.

    under water lot:
    33x33, below the sphere down to level 41

    on water lot:
    15x15, up 30 blocks (something like that), style requirement: similar to existing houses.

    At the end of the contest the highest ranked players / teams can pick a price starting with the winner.

    - competition starts: right now
    - competition ends: January 13th 24:00 server time or if we should run out of money first
    - you have to apply either as a team or as a single player
    - once points have been awarded they stay with the team/player (no redistributing of points to climb in the highscore. If you start on your own, and then join a team later, you cannot use your points to add them to a team)
    - no refunds
    - we do not care how you get the iron, as long as it's obtained legitly
    - tbritts13 and me (MarvinTheRobot) will be managing the competition, anyone else can enter

    1 point for each iron ingot if we pay you 40 per ingot
    2 points for each iron ingot if we pay you 20 per ingot
    3 points for each iron ingot if we do not pay you (yay :))

    How does it work?
    You post here, stating the ingame names of your team members.
    You will then receive your own chest, where you can deposit iron ingots or iron blocks.
    If you have placed something inside of your chest, replace the torch with a redstone torch and put up a sign above the chest stating the amount of points you would like to receive for the ingots.
    1 -> we replace 25 iron ingots with a gold ingot and award you 1 point per iron ingot
    2 -> we replace 50 iron ingots with a gold ingot and award you 2 points per iron ingot
    3 -> we take out the iron ingots and award you 3 points per iron ingot

    You can use subway code "555" to get to our subway station.
    1) Follow the red path, jump in (water block at the end of the path)
    2) you might end up in picture 2 -> stand on the wool block and press the button
    3) you should get to the lower level, turn right and walk through the only hole in the wall
    4) you have reached the chests

    If you put iron in:
    - replace the torch on the wall with a redstone torch
    - replace the empty sign with a sign containing the amount of points you would like to receive (1, 2 or 3)

    At the following dates, you will receive a 10% bonus to your points.

    December 23rd, 24:00
    December 30th, 24:00
    January 6thm, 24:00

    All donations towards the competition are welcome.
    - additional high quality prizes
    - money as prize money
    - money to help us buy the iron

    Team 1
    - JellyBelly41

    Team 2
    - superspots18
    - conrad1234ish

    Team 3: Dharma Initiative
    - Millons70
    - Toad7777777

    Team 4
    - andman1
    - adurlene

    Team 5
    - Duckky63
    - Munchel2

    Team 6
    - pupps90

    Team 7
    - brandonian9

    Team 8
    - The_Neptune
    - Xepharyx

    Team 9: "Totally Not Going To Beat Team 13"
    - heff88
    - supermariolover

    Team 10
    - ShadowDogOne
    - FlipMasterpro
    - loopeezane
    - zombieman555

    Team 11
    - Dan_the_man85
    - MitchGlitch
    - McChickenEx
    - Sgt_Sheep

    Team 12: Team Link
    - dascam
    - razorunicorn
    - thatwassup78781
    - viralquasar1
    - cobblewolf

    Team 13: Team Awesome Socks
    - Marioman69
    - TCNC
    - yaha21
    - Vordoon

    Team 14:
    - redthunder27

    Final score:
    1) Team Awesome Socks (13): 86,957
    2) Team 11: 36,621
    3) Team Link (12): 20,570
    4) Dharma Initiative (3): 11,504
    5) Team 14: 8,486
    6) JellyBelly41 (1): 6,123
    7) Team 2: 5,594
    8) Team 10: 4,205
    9) Brandonian9 (7): 2,435
  2. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Any limit on number of people on one team?
  3. JellyBelly Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:

    Er-, I mean, I am of course a "highly skilled" miner, so therefore I might cost a "little" more than the given price.
    Who the hell am I kidding.
    *Throws iron ingots at Marvin*

    But in all seriousness, I'll be doing this by myself, so I'll need a chest to put the iron in.

    Actual ingame name: JellyBelly41

    Edit: Where are the chests located anyway?
  4. TBritts Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    The chests will be IN Aquatia, which is accessible through subway code "555"... Talk to Marvin or myself in game to show you WHERE they will be, and one of us will set it up ASAP :)
  5. MarvinTheRobot Paranoid Android

    Minecraft Username:
    We cannot controll who works together anyway... so no limit.

    Already late, I'll set up some chests tomorrow and post a description on how to get there.
    Like tbritts said, they will be located in our city, easily accessible via subway.
  6. superspots18 Distinguished Member

    My ign superspots18

    i will be doing this alone
    and i dont know how to use the fucking subway so how the hell do i get there
  7. xmillons70x Distinguished Member

    Me and Toad will be participating
    In-game names;
  8. superspots18 Distinguished Member

    I teamed with conrad1234ish so it is me and him mining..........BBYEEE
  9. andman1 Distinguished Member

    I'd like to start on my own but anyone who wants to jump on is welcome
  10. adurlene Banned

    You and I man. Lets do this. LETS FUCKING DO THIS. FUCK YA.

    Ingame: adurlene
    andman1 and JellyBelly like this.
  11. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Team Submission:

  12. Pupps90 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Single player : Me.
  13. Sgt_Sheep Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
  14. Munchel Veteran Member

    So I guess Duckky and I are working together. Duckky63 and Munchel2
  15. MarvinTheRobot Paranoid Android

    Minecraft Username:
    - chests added
    - teams added to the chests
    - first post edited (info on how to get to the chests)

    Please check, if all of your team members can access your team chest.
    And feel free to pick a team name.

    I'll add a guide on how to use the subway later.
  16. toad7777777 Veteran Member

    We'll take the team name of "Dharma Initiative"
  17. Chris Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Add me to this
  18. Sgt_Sheep Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Can you make the team chests like, 1 chest per member within the group section? Our team wants to keep track of who gets how much iron, so we know how to divide the money. What I mean is, can you keep track of how many points each person in a team is receiving, so the team knows if everyone is working hard. Also, say a team of 4 gets like, 100,000 points, and a single person gets 26,000. Would the team of 4's total be divided by four to create a fair track with the single person teams?
  19. Vordoon Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    im in will either go solo or with a team.
  20. MarvinTheRobot Paranoid Android

    Minecraft Username:
    Sure... I'll just give one chest to each of you.

    Mmh what would be the point of having a team then? 100k > 26k.
    As a team you will get more points, but you will also have to split the prize ;).
    An this is a multi player game after all ;)

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