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Hoppers With Mcchicken

Discussion in 'Guides and Information' started by McChickenEX, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. McChickenEX Distinguished Member

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    As many of you know, hoppers are in the next update. Many of us are getting ready for them and this should give you some good info about them.
    If you want to make it so hoppers can pick up items without missing some.[Auto Water Item Sorter]
    You have to build this machine.This throws out items as fast as hoppers can pick them up.
    As shown here.
    Hoppers stop giving items when it's powered with a redstone signal.
    When the power is turned off, the hopper starts up agian.
    Imgur started to hate me, so ill uploadthe rest later.
    Rail can be placed on top of hoppers, and with a ChestMinecart, anything in the minecart will go into the hopper. This can be used as a way to move items with ease.

    Hoppers can now be placed in minecarts but I reallt think they do nothing a chest minecart can do.
    More To be posted when imgur hates me less.
  2. adurlene Banned

    These hoppers are the best impliment of minecraft ever, in my opinion.
  3. Bloedig Distinguished Member

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    Still don't get what they do. Are they just a sorter (put things in and it sorts)? Are they like a tekkit mining machine? Are they just an easy loader for furnaces, etc?
  4. adurlene Banned

    Ey act as pipes, and suck things in that are on top of them.
  5. cactusman777 Exalted Member

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    Surely hoppers in minecarts will be very useful. Say, you're mining, and you've got a whole lot of everything you ever wanted, and you want to carry on getting everything you ever wanted even more. If you had a single chest, with a minecart rail running underneath it, a hoppercart can be on a continuous circuit and when it passes, it pulls them out. It would remove less manual labour, a bit. I'm not sure how they would dump it out, but couldn't it just go along to your base and leave it there?
  6. Bloedig Distinguished Member

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    Seems like more work than just doing /home and then /back.
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  7. kfbullitt Distinguished Member

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    Not every server allows access to /back, so for a more survival based server it could be useful.
  8. Bloedig Distinguished Member

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    ah, didn't know that cause I don't play anywhere else.
  9. Cooperade Distinguished Member

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  10. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

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    I see you Reddit. I Reddit as well
  11. Cooperade Distinguished Member

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  12. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

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    New York Times #1 Bestseller
    "Reddit - Love at first Upvote"
  13. boar401s2 Mr. Roboto

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    I forsee lag generating machines. Although their epic.
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