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What Should We Add? Also, 2013-3-2 Update, Donor Poll, And Clarification On An Old Policy.

Discussion in 'News' started by timsandtoms, Mar 2, 2013.


Should we switch the 45VIP power, /heal(1h cd), to an additional home?

Poll closed Mar 9, 2013.
Yes. 34 vote(s) 82.9%
No. 7 vote(s) 17.1%
  1. timsandtoms Administrationator

    Minecraft Username:
    There's always something that can be updated, or some way that TimGaming can be bettered. I like to think we do a pretty good job of taking the server in the right direction, but it's always helpful to have feedback. So, on that note, lets hold a quick vote! I'm not guaranteeing that we'll be able to add exactly what you guys pick, but it's best to know what our priorities should be, and I'll do my best to address why we aren't/won't implement anything you guys suggest, or what it would take to get it implemented. This will also be a HUGE boon to me, as I'm very much a checklist person. So, on that note, got something you want us to add/finish/fix/upgrade/etc? Post your top 3 picks here(In order! I'm going to try to weight them a bit to help me prioritize)!

    Some possible food for thought. Just some ideas, feel free to suggest anything you like!:
    • A plugin to handle removing inactive players changes, without harming any of your protections.
    • Dragons.
    • Giants.
    • "Boss" type slimes. As in, huge above ground slime spawns. Not actually sure if we can edit different size slimes drops, but they might be interesting to see, and fun to fight!
    • TNT in the main map.
    • Player shop signs.
    • Spawn shop lots.
    • A bigger map.
    • A TimGaming Gmod or TF2 server?
    • An organized Modball league/scoreboard.
    • A better beginners guide.
    • Harvest-able farms/animal pens in Spawn.
    • Quest NPCs.
    • A donor chat.
    • Compass in the nether(You WILL end up on the nether roof!).
    • Changes to the forum.
    Next up, quick list of changes we've made since... Well, whenever the last time I listed the changes.
    • Doubled the vanilla counts for hostile mobs and squid. This is the same as it was pre-1.4, it was just temporarily reduced to try to fix the lag item frames were causing.
    • Gave everyone access to "/region setparent" and "/region setpriority" again. You can break your child lots with this, so don't use it unless you know how it works.
    • Gunpowder is no longer called sulphur in the shop.
    • Fixed the bug where you would change chat channels upon using a portal, /tpa, or /tpahere. Yeh, turns out carrying over your config files for over 2 years leads to some really weird bugs that devs have never heard of.
    • Removed "y" from the word filter. Never occurred to me that it blocked listing y coordinates.
    • Removed "u" from the word filter. Totally forgot that players can use /u to undisguise(Mods require /undis, as /u conflicts with a mod command).
    • Decided to switch to YYYY-MM-DD for my update posts. Turns out there's an ISO for listing dates.
    On another note, quick question for donors. Currently, 45VIPs have the /heal command to regain full health, once per hour, anywhere in non-PVP areas. Now, obviously donor powers don't allow the gameplay to be 100% vanilla, but I kind of think having a command to flat out give you full health instantly kind of crosses the line a bit more than I'm comfortable with, especially as we've slowly tried to regain the survival aspect to the server by doing things like setting it to hard, increasing mob spawns, etc, to regain some difficulty. Would you rather keep /heal, or have it switched to an additional /home location? Or even switch it to something completely different? I'm not promising anything specific, I'm just exploring my options, as I would personally like to change it to something else, I'm just not sure what would be best.

    And last on the least, clarifying an old policy! Now, if player A has been gone for over a month, and player B complains about the land being unusable, we've always cleared up player A's protection there. The problem is, that's a much smaller scale than we did with the recent removal of 491 protections(Nearly 1/3 of our total protections!). Without warning. Kind of a douche move on my part, so, my apologies for that. It was one of those knee-jerk reactions that, in hindsight, could have been done better. Before we do anything like that again, we're going to look at our options to find the best balance of map clearing, and not deleting cool stuff for players that may return. In the meantime, assume the worst. If you're going to be gone for an extended period of time, make sure someone active is on the region, in-case we clear them like we did this time, which was to just remove players from regions if they were offline for more than two months, and then remove any now ownerless/memberless regions.
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  2. timsandtoms Administrationator

    Minecraft Username:
    The votes are in! I did my best to figure out what your top 3 were in the posts were you didn't actually specify. After weighting, here are the votes.

    18 - Shop lots in spawn
    9 - Compass in the nether
    9 - Quests
    7 - Bigger map
    7 - Plugin to remove inactive players
    5 - Skills
    3 - Ender dragons
    3 - Spleef arena
    3 - An organized Modball league
    3 - Better tutorial
    2 - Donor chat
    1 - TNT in the main world
    1 - Better PVP
    1 - One command to show the results for /money, /seen, etc.
    -1 - Allowing fire spread
  3. adurlene Banned

    I am in favor of switching /heal to an extra home set. Also, Quest NPC's seem pretty cool (been playing on a modded server lately with them, makes it a lot of fun[Uses Noppes's quest npc]). Also, any plans to add in the skill plugin again? It gave a lot of us something to aim for in timcraft.

    When you say tnt in main map, I assume that means tnt sxplosions will be enabled. Isnt the reason it was disabled was because people could greif? It seems risky unless there is a way for it to not harm protections. Also, would that enable creeper explosions aswell?

    Compass in the nether seems a bit overpowered, but would be really helpful.

    Changes to the forums? It seems great right now, and the last time we had a new forums, I was so confused. I say stick with the current one. But, could you empty out some old forum posts? Last time it was done, everything seemed less clutered.

    The main thing I desire, but isnt on that list, is a fix to compass. It has been buggy ever since 1.8.
  4. Dpasi314 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I agree with Adur, I would also like the Compass in the Nether ( You won't end up on the roof if you're careful).
    Maybe ( Just a suggestion from always being on the Bukkit forums) Add a Timcraft + forum for donors or something. Or a community feedback forum. It's kind of a stupid idea. I also like the quest NPC idea. Some other suggestions I've thought of over the course of the last couple days.:
    • Timcraft IRC - this could potentially be helpful in the long run? No clue, but vent it probably more of a formal way of getting people attention.
    • Edit the Terms and Rules on the forums. Something to reflect on the server, like the beginners guide or rules. Again, not important, but it would be nice I suppose.
      • Code:
         AdminCP -> Phrases -> terms_rules_text 
    • Another thing I think could be helpful for both moderators and users is SimpleForms Pro. This add-on to XenForo allows forms to be used for like appeals, that then will can then be posted to a designated forum and all appeals will be in a proper format in the correct forum. The only down-sides I can think of is that currently if players truly want to be on the server, they will properly post an appeal. ~ This costs money, but I have a copy if interested.
    That's basically everything I can think of. Sorry if it didn't make sense :3
  5. timsandtoms Administrationator

    Minecraft Username:
    We'd be using Citizens/Denizens for the NPCs.

    No current plans for the skills plugin, that was a totally custom Purely thing, so it's up to him, but I'm all for getting it again if he wants to code it up again.

    TNT would be off by default, with players having the TNT flag for regions, which allows TNT block damage, as long as the ENTIRE blast is within the protected region. If any portion of the blast is outside of the region flagged for TNT, it just acts like it does now. We originally had it disabled because you could light it in the unprotected area, then launch it into the protected area, and it would blow up the protected area. It would not enable any other form of explosions.


    I could probably clear out some old stuff. I'm always on the fence about that. On one hand, it looks cleaner, on the other, it removes old posts that someone might potentially need, and makes the forum seem like it was much less active than it actually was.

    Compass... We honestly have no idea why it does that, we've looked into it, it just doesn't work perfectly :S

    My problem with donor only forums/chats is that generally the donor group is a lot more mature than the rest of the folks, so giving the more mature folks their own area away from the derpy main chats leaves nothing EXCEPT for the derp in the main chat areas, which then scares off any new non-derpy players, and it becomes this vicious cycle of derp breeding more derp. I think if players are more successful at encouraging mature behavior on the server, I'd be much more able to make a donor only area, at least for in-game(I just don't know how much use the forum would be, and managing the ranks would be a pain).

    Sadly, I don't think we could do an IRC channel, it's one of our host's(Codero) few rules, since IRC is frequently used to control botnets. Their rules are basically don't mess up the network, don't do anything illegal, no porn, and no IRC. I'd love to see if we could have an IRC channel in-game that spoke with an IRC server if we could though. I'll have to check into that sometime, see if we can get an exception on that, not sure if that's a thing.

    Rules... Eh. I'll keep the forum bit separate from the in-game. No sense telling people they aren't able to PVP people on the forums.

    As for SimpleForms Pro, I'd like to avoid adding any additional costs that aren't hardware related. The server already costs $2,466.80 a year as is! If folks want to appeal, they can just do it right ;)
  6. turbo566 Member

    You talk about makin the server vanilla, and that is one of the biggest draws to this server for me. Compass and mob disguise are acceptable, but only because they don't significantly change the basic game. Adding new mobs is a step too far for me. I'm on the edge regarding skills as it is good because it rewards active players but if it is too overpowered or hard to obtain so it becomes grindy then it would be a bad addition. Quest npcs I think are an excellent idea as is the beginners guide (might I suggest implimenting some nooby quests to go with it?) as they provide some structure for beginners and something extra for endgame players such as myself to do apart from diamond pvp and get richer. (Modball was a great start, respect to Elias) more vanilla games would be excellent. Player shop signs are an addition I think we need to make bulk sales easier, and I think a free market at spawn where anyone can
    have a certain amount of free spaces to sell would be great. Perhaps behind spawn, nothings there atm. Also donor chat is a great idea, but no individual chats for different levels. Also I know it's a problem with the clans plugin, but clan (or even better ally) chat is what I would really like right now. Anyways that's my opinions. P.s sorry about any random formatting, I'm on my phone and the forum is not phone friendly. (Something I feel the forum does have to improve)
  7. ddempsey94 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Well let’s start from the beginning:
    A plugin to handle removing inactive players changes to the map – I agree but only for non-donors
    Dragons – I assume you mean enderdragons in the end I like the prospect but only have one dragon in the end per day.
    Giants – These were fun to fight in the old map so I am all for it but I would edit the drops so they become more profitable (diamonds/gold ingots) of course these would be very rare 2%-7%.
    Boss slimes- I like the prospect but either have these or giants not both
    TNT- If you make it so they only blow up in areas that allow it, then I’m in
    Player shops signs- Do you mean like I put a chest of sand in a room and put up a sign up that says “Sand Buy: 10 tims” then you would right click the sign and a sand block would come from the chest and into the player’s inventory and 10 tims would go from the player’s money to the owner’s money.
    Spawn Shop lots- yes if you use the shop signs, otherwise I’m not sure how it would work with out them
    A bigger map – Possibly a monthly expansion, like the 1st of the month the map expands like 500 blocks or something
    Gmod/TF2 server – sounds like a blast
    Modball league – never had a chance to play but I will help in any league making, I just finished a 10 team tournament bracket for some intermural sports at my university.
    A better beginner’s guide – If improvements can be made, make them
    Harvestable farms – no, players should be smart enough to develop their own farms
    Quest NPC’s – sounds fun
    A donor chat – sure, I could use I chat that isn’t plagued with nubs
    Compass in the nether – no, I like the nether as is but possible reset the nether map every month or so
    The forum – NO I like dis.
  8. redthunder27 Veteran Member

    My first vote would be something that wasn't on this list but I was wondering if this could be a added option. One day.... I was about to go find a stronghold on Timcraft, I looked up Strongholds in Wiki and noticed that there is only 3 in the world. I asked and apparently they've all been found. So I was wondering if you could add like 10 more Strongholds if that even possible. If so I'd like to cast a vote for it.
    My second vote I'd like to cast is that there are Ender Dragons that spawn daily so then, I can become rich. I've also have never got to kill a ender dragon and I'd think it be fun. I infered this is the idea that you were talking about when you said "add dragons".
    My final vote will go to making this map bigger. Lately I have been trying to get some gold so I can save up for my dream pvp suit :). But I've noticed that basically when ever I go to the wilderness portal and go to explore the cave I see its already been spotted out ( took all the good stuff:eek:).

    If you need ANY help at all going to ANY of these add-ons I'd be happy to help,
    Talk to you soon
  9. GreyGoblin Veteran Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Once clans are finalized, I would ask that you consider modifying how the forum handles clans. Specifically that it support limited sub forums for clan members only. The current single thread per makes clan organization difficult. We could use the ability to carry on multiple 'private' forum conversations.

    Limitation could include, additional Tims expenditure for the clan. In addition to restricting the number of 'clan-members only' forums, it would also provide and additional goal for a clan & Tims sink for the server.

    Again, not a recommendation for immediate implementation, but a vision for the future.
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  10. supermariolover Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I only have one request, and that would be to MAKE A SPLEEF ARENA! :D
    Maybe have a giant, automated arena you can get to from the portal room. There should be prizes for the winner and there should be some kinda scoreboard to keep track of wins and loses like KDR except that it would be called something close to a WLR (Win Lose Ratio).

    I can believe that this would be difficult to accomplish, but this would mean a lot to me if you implemented it into the server ;).
  11. xX_miner49er_Xx Veteran Member

    1. Shop Spawn Lots
    2. Donor Chat
    3. TNT in main world
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  12. adurlene Banned

    Something that came to mind when reading supermario's post, when will we get mob arena back? Loved that
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  13. JellyBelly Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Can someone link me to any information regarding the "Quest NPC" modification?
  14. TCNC Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    My top 3 would be...

    1. Skills Plugin (If a possibility)
    2.Bigger Map
    3. Compass in Nether

    Edit: In the case that I can't vote for the Skills Plugin, I would choose player shops as my 4th.
  15. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Player spawn shops and the sign shop thing. Get this now.
    Quests definitely.
    Modball league
    Warps : P

    Giants and Dragons would be pretty cool too, but not a big deal.

    I had some other ideas while reading tims' posts but then I got distracted by his sig, and forgot them
  16. ELITECR3W* Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    -Spawnshop lots/ Player Shop Signs. We need this stuff!
    -Skills Plugin
    -Quest NPCs
    I'd say these are the top 3 for me.
    1. It's about time we got some shops and made Spawn City more lively. In addition to this long overdue necessity, shops would be much more interesting if the were somewhat automated. This is where the shop plug-in comes in.
    2. The skills plugin made non-pvpers feel like they were earning something similar to a good KDR. I'd be awesome to have it back. It also makes you feel not so bad when you place 100s of logs 3 blocks too far to the left because you earn logging xp instead of just feeling stupid.
    3. When I read the reasons why we were restarting the map, this was one of the main ones I was looking forward to. I'd love to wonder around the map, just as we did for the scavenger hunt during the anniversary weekend.
    TNT/Fire-spread should be flags enable-able in protected regions, in case you just want to burn down your jungle instead of cutting it down and with the TNT enabled, the demand for gunpowder will rise again, another money sink.
  17. supermariolover Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    As an addition to the spleef thing, a Modball league sounds fun. I like the idea of minigames inside of a game. :p
  18. boar401s2 Mr. Roboto

    Minecraft Username:
    1) Spawn Shop Lots - I will love you SOOOOOOOOO much if you add this in. And soon. I will love you crazily much. I just can't express how much.
    2) Player Shop Signs
    3) Quest NPCs

    4) Bigger map would be nice.
    5) Possibly a better PvP system - perhaps an arena in spawn, like the last map. Or the "bedrock box" pvp in the nether would be pretty epicz. Perhaps a plugin that allows you to see your chances against the enemy, gear wise.

    Other Notes:

    Improved Beginner's Guide would be great.

    Organized Modball: This would be epic, however, I don't think we should hold modball events too often, or it'll get old, so I wouldn't put it up as a priority. I'd think it great if you guys made it and put it up on bukkit.org.

    Donor Channel: Whut? It's called global, right? A different channel would mean a different coloring in chat, but that's what name tags add, it'd just be another channel to add to the confusion. Also it'd mean as a mod I'd have to monitor one more channel.
  19. MarvinTheRobot Paranoid Android

    Minecraft Username:
    1) Player shop signs.
    2) A plugin to handle removing inactive players changes, without harming any of your protections.
    3) Spawn shop lots.
  20. supermariolover Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:

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