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Da Pussay Patrol - Majj

Discussion in 'Clans' started by rg_dinzy, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. rg_dinzy Member


    A bit about us:

    Here at MAJJ we aim to provide a sense of community and culture to benefit us and those around us. We are a PvP based clan (only starting so not high up on /clan list) so we expect a decent KDR - ask one of the owners about KDR limits.

    What will YOU gain from joining MAJJ:
    1. You will be supported and helped through hard times
      e.g: Dying in an unfair PvP battle - we will do what we can to help.
    2. If Trusted - provided with a house beside the clan home (Seen Above).
    3. We will always listen to our clan members and take their suggestions in to account.
    4. Become part of a young and growing clan.
    5. Welcomed in to the clan with open arms - if KDR is up to standards.
    Clan leaders:

    • pra99
    • MrPudgey
    • rg_dinzy
    • mattynelson123
    • Angusharley33
    *Application Template*(To join MAJJ):
    To be able to join MAJJ you are required to answer the following questions truthfully.

    *Please copy all the questions and answer them truthfully - we will be checking*
    *Please inbox your application to a clan leader*

    1. What is your in-game name?

    2. Why do you wish to join MAJJ?

    3. As a person, what do you bring to MAJJ?

    4. What is your KDR?

    5. What were your past clans - If any?

    6. Do you have any history of bans on any server?
    - If so, why?

    Rules of MAJJ
    • Do NOT advertise the clan in global, you may ask people you trust if they may like to join. Advertising in global, that just makes us look bad, you will get one warning then you will be kicked on the second offense.
    • No bad talking clan members, same rules apply as rule above.
    • Don't be a Dick, the general rule that covers just about everything, if you want to stay in MAJJ, then just be nice - especially to clan leaders.
    • We want everybody to feel equal - just because they are trusted, doesn't mean they are better, just trusted (probably been in the clan longer)
    *To defeat the weak and support the brave*
    • This user was warned for this post.
    Laudemus omnes pussys et conteret omnia oppresserant
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  2. Dan_the_man85 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Wow! You're pretty fluent in Google Translate!
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  3. Cooperade Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    this is gonna be great
  4. rg_dinzy Member

    Not being disrespectful Dan_the_man85, but MrPudgey has done Latin for 3 years.
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  5. Nah, fluent in Oxford Latin course lol.
  6. ECMBlacklite Redstone Engineer

    Minecraft Username:
    Apparently not long enough to know that a latin verb (IE Laudemus) goes and the END of the phrase, not the beginning.

    EDIT: Also, your first verb ending is "we", and the second is "they". It doesn't really make sense. Providing the translation of the actual words Dan provided are right, then it would read
    "We praise all pussy and they destroy all faggots". Not going to bother checking if the word are right, but yeah.
  7. rg_dinzy Member

    He may not be fluent, but he and I have done it for three years in school....
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  8. Everybody stand back for grammar master. Elias est iratus.
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  9. ECMBlacklite Redstone Engineer

    Minecraft Username:
    *Elias iratus est. Verb at the end.
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  11. cactusman777 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
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  12. JellyBelly Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    This is going to become the biggest derp thread I have ever seen.

    Please, continue.
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  13. I'm using a satanic cross. And pretty sure one of the mods has satanic in their name.
  14. TBritts Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    So that automatically means that you can do it?
    Meaning me and Blacklite can go jump off a bridge and you all would do it too?
  15. No it means it's acceptable.
    If a mod can do it why can I?
  16. Dpasi314 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    PurelySatanic is his name, but his name doesn't represent his view on religion. Christ, it's just a username....

  17. Yes and, Christ it is just a signature.
  18. Everything has changed now. You all need to grow up though. I still am hateful fuck, so yea.
  19. rg_dinzy Member

    Can we just drop this, I mean it is a thread about our clan, not about religion...
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