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Community News Sakaba's 19-second Giveaway

Discussion in 'Community News' started by SakabaShogun, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

    Minecraft Username:
    The title may be a bit misleading. This thread will remain up and active until someone wins the prize, which could take days, weeks, months.
    I will give you one thing now, a 19-second sound file. TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN.
    Totally forgot to warn y'all. It can be loud.
    In 1 week, and every week after it, I will release an additional hint if no one has solved it yet. If I'm unable to give a hint that won't just completely give away the answer, the contest will be ended and no one will receive the prize.

    I will only be responding to this thread on a few of the following conditions:
    • First, and foremost, if you figure it out. I will inform you that you, or your group, has won.
    • If someone has a question regarding things I've said, and need either clarification or a "ruling" on legalities. This shouldn't come up often, there aren't many rules. The world is your oyster.
    • I WILL NOT be responding to inform you that you're wrong. My continued silence answers that question for you.
    • The weekly hints. Every Saturday I'll add a hint. Of course, these hints may be incredibly vague, some even being just a single word. Or they may be rather useful hints, or even a full step towards the solution. I'll probably give the largest steps on the first Saturday of each month, mainly because I don't want this to drag on for like a friggin' year.

    PART of the prize is 500,000 Timonians and free access to any and all future projects I plan.

    Heh, the more I listen to this sound file, the more I really enjoy it. Brb, making techno...

    (please let me know if for some reason the sound file isn't working for you. Thanks, Coop, for informing me of SoundCloud's build in download options)
  2. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

    Minecraft Username:
    Deliberation amongst your piers is allowed, I will allow y'all to split the prize as you please, and if a group of people claim to have solved it together, you'll all get access to my projects. Yay teamwork! (Note: This will result in less personal monniez, but hey, friendship, right?)
  3. Cooperade Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I am really excited for this, can't wait for the next clue.

    You should be able to allow downloads right from soundcloud. I think my song 'Lard and Constellations' can be downloaded.
  4. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

    Minecraft Username:
    Lemme rifle through the setting's n' shit
    Ah, there we go, I do believe I've enabled downloads for it now.
  5. The_Neptune Distinguished Member

    What is the first clue?
  6. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

    Minecraft Username:
    The....the sound file....it has been like 3 hours....not a week...
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  7. toad7777777 Veteran Member

    Morris code for: Sakabashogun is awesome?
  8. Washingtonjp Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    A computer giving birth
  9. cactusman777 Exalted Member

    Minecraft Username:
  10. loopeezane Distinguished Member

    Hair clippers
  11. jx80 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Tesla coils playing music.
  12. miney2011 Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    Oh! Oh! I got it, its
    Sakaba's 19-second Giveaway

    I win ^..,^
  13. The_Neptune Distinguished Member

    Techno keyboard
  14. michaelfoley Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
    My clue would be to convert the file to a .txt

    My clue is wrong.
  15. rottenfleash Member

    electronic virus
  16. JellyBelly Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:

    There are cheating whores amongst us.

    Stop being a little bitch and beg Saka for more clues like everyone else.
  17. SakabaShogun ಥ_ಥ

    Minecraft Username:
    The account that posted that was created the day I posted the event, the account has had no other activity. Also, the question was posed on the same day. Jane starts with a J. JellyBelly starts with a J. It's obvious what I'm getting at, here, isn't it? HALF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED YOU, JellyBelly, posted that question, then waited 2 days to see if you got a response, and when nothing happened you came here to bitch about people trying to use Yahoo to solve the challenge.

    Note: Using Yahoo is not, in fact, against the rules. In fact, I explicitly say "the world is your oyster"
    If you want to post it on reddit.com/r/cypher, then be my guest.
    JellyBelly likes this.
  18. JellyBelly Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    I was actually thinking /r/decoders, but /r/cypher works, too.
  19. Cooperade Distinguished Member

    Minecraft Username:
    GoodLuckIARTSakabaICRD2013datax~4˛"]ˇI‰ü ˇl

  20. TBritts Moderator

    Minecraft Username:
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