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Server Rules

  • Advertising for other servers is NOT allowed.
  • X-ray and other cheats/unfair client mods are not allowed.
  • No obscene or Disruptive Behavior
  • You may only hurt players in the PvP world. Nowhere else!
  • No stealing or griefing of any property unless it is unprotected & unoccupied!
  • If you are a guest on a protection, Do not take what is not yours.
  • Listen and respect everyone, especially the moderation staff!

The following is prohibited

  • Free-Standing pixel art.
  • Nonsensical flying objects. (e.g. Helicopter = good;Cobble box = bad)
  • Client side mods that give an unfair advantage
  • Being a dick
  • Griefing and stealing from protected or otherwise occupied areas


Protections are essential in TimGaming. By protecting the land you build your house on, you protect it from griefing. To set up a protection, you need to be rank User, and you will need a wooden stick. If you do not have one use /kit woodtools to acquire one!

  1. First you need to left click one corner of the area you wish to protect with a wooden stick.
  2. Then you need to right click the opposite diagonal corner of the protection with that stick.
  3. Once you have done this all you need to do now is type the following command /protect <name>

To check how much the protection will cost before purchase use /protect <name> -c All protections are prices as (Length*Width*10) Here's a quick visual protection guide!

Inactive Protections

If you are inactive for 3+ months. Your protection is open for claim. HOWEVER, the protection will not be loot-able. If requested of the region removed. It will be rolled back to before it had anything built (changed), and then the protection is removed. This means looting of the protection not going to happen.

e.g. (/rg select REGIONNAME, /lb rollback selection time 999 days, /rg remove REGIONNAME)


The main world is where you call home. You free to explore and build anywhere you like. We strongly recommend you protect your land to prevent griefing by other players. As a courtesy to others, we ask that you try to keep this world tidy. Please refrain from mining clear across the map or leaving partially harvest trees around. This is what the Mining World is for!

TimGaming provides special purpose worlds for our players. We have a PvP world to let you work your aggression out and a Mining World to provide you with virtually unlimited resources. We also showcase all of our previous worlds as "museum maps"... Tour the epic builds of past maps! The Nether, End, and mining worlds are all reset periodically for a fresh new experience!

The Economy

Timgaming is a legit economy based server with RPG elements. When you first join our server you will start out with $10,000 Timonians. You will earn a daily bonus of at least $10,000 each day you play. If you play consecutive days, your bonus goes up $5,000 for each day (up to 7).

You can also acquire money drops from hostile monsters in the world!

Selling goods to other players is another way to earn money, since there is no server shop. There are 23 spots for sale in the Spawn Market, and you are free to create your own shops anywhere on the map.

Events are held from time to time, and they give cash prizes to winners!


Our Commands Page lists all the commands that you have available to you.

Chat Channels

Here on Timgaming we have quite a few chat channels you can speak on.

  • Local Chat
    You can access local chat by using /ch l
    All chat in local has a range of 300 blocks. So anyone within 300 blocks of you can hear you!
  • Global Chat
    You can access global chat by using /ch g
    Everyone can hear you in global chat!
  • Trade Chat
    You can access trade chat by using /ch t
    Please only use this channel as intent to buy or sell products or services!
  • Help Chat
    You can access help chat by using /ch h
    This channel is meant for those in need of help, if you need Minecraft related help please use this channel!

We have a few other channels such as ch1 and ch2. These are used for any other types of chat for groups and such. You can view the complete list of channels by using /ch list

Voice Chat (Discord)

This server uses Discord as our main means of chatting, text and voice. You can get to it here.

If someone gets annoying

Here on Timgaming like any other server, you will run into that annoying person that just wont leave you alone or is a dick. Please use the following methods to resolve this issue.

  • You can mute the player by /ch ignore <playerName>
  • You can ignore a player using /ignore <playerName>
  • You can also ask a moderator for help!
  • You can use /helpop <yourMessage> to contact a moderator!
    e.g. /helpop <player> is trying to burn me!
    e.g. /helpop <player> is spamming me in chat!
  • If a moderator is not on or available... Try getting on our Discord server! Usually there will be a moderator on there!


TimGaming also hosts themed events with games and prizes. We run these events on a special event server which allows us to create immersive and magical experiences.


As we have a very large map, we want it as easy as possible for players to get around. So we have..

  • A system of Way Shrines to allow you to instantly teleport around the world.
  • A wilderness portal. This portal will randomly teleport you anywhere in the world in a unprotected area!

You can also /sethome at a location and /home to return to that location at any time!

World Resets

Yes we have worlds that reset, They are the Mining World, Nether and the End. The main world does not reset unless announced, all the other worlds are automatically done!

  • The Nether Resets Weekly
  • The Mining World Resets Bi-Weekly
  • The End resets every three days

Default vs. User Rank

Everyone who joins the server starts out as rank Default, until message pilotkip with this secret word: "albatross"!


Hosting a server costs money. TimGaming's continued survival is the result of a small group of individuals who have stepped up to ensure that the cost of running the server is met. These individuals belong to a select group called Friends of TimGaming. They have pledged to make small monthly donations to cover the expense of hosting our server. Every player of TimGaming owes a huge debt of gratitude to these generous souls. Please be sure to express your thanks when you see them announced as they join the server.

If you feel the server has value and are willing to do your part to help support it, please visit Friends of TimGaming