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What is Friends of TimGaming?

TimGaming has always been more than just a place to play Minecraft... it is a community. Many friendships have been forged here throughout the years. Countless hours have been spent crafting amazing structures. Friends of TimGaming is made up of a few people who believe that this community is worth keeping alive, and are willing to help support it financially. They do this buy purchasing a monthly subscription at one of three levels, Iron, Obsidian or Gold. By banding together and sharing the expense, the Friends of TimGaming make it possible for the server to remain open for all players.

Where does the money go?

TimGaming is not a for-profit endeavor... all proceeds go towards the server. Our first priority is covering the cost of renting the server, currently $33 per month. After meeting that expense, the second priority is to promote the server, through advertising and creating TimGaming merchandise to sell. The goal is to maintain a strong and vibrant community.

What do members get?

TimGaming is 100% committed to creating a fun, challenging and most importantly fair environment for its players. Donors do not receive any perks that will affect game play. Still, we wish to recognize them for their dedication to the server, so they may receive purely cosmetic effects. We may also erect monuments in game to honor them. Donors who subscribe at the highest level, will be invited to participate in monthly conferences with the server admin who wants to make sure any concerns or ideas are heard.

If you feel this community, and the history contained in its worlds are worth preserving, then please consider becoming a Friend of TimGaming!

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