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by pilotkip at 1:32 PM (61641 Views / 3 Likes) 9 Comments
Today, May 18, 2019, TimGaming Map 7 has begun!

While it may be sad to say goodbye to Map 6, this new map offers all new adventures to be had. Many thanks to the incredible jon86 for creating such an amazing spawn!

Some notes:
- The map is fairly small at the moment. We will expand it to it's full size once we've migrated to 1.14.* so that we get lots of the new villages.
- You must be on for 10 minutes to get your daily money
- No Clans yet.
- No Compass yet.
- No DynMap yet.
- No ChestShop yet.
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The Purge is now in full effect - there are no protections on map 6! Let the carnage begin!
by pilotkip at 7:13 PM (20810 Views / 1 Likes) 5 Comments
We've waited long enough!
Map 7 will be released in a few weeks! Here is what to expect:
  • Sunday May 12, The PURGE will begin. During this time, there will be no protections, no rules. You can go anywhere and do anything!
  • Saturday morning, May 18, I will bring down the Map 6 server for the last time. When the server comes back, it will be a brand new map!
We will be running 1.13.2 for a bit, at least until all our plugins are working smoothly in 1.14. During this period (a month?), we will keep the map rather small. Once we update to 1.14, we will instantly expand the map to it's full size.
If by some miracle the plugins are ready for 1.14 before we launch, I may let these dates slip a week or two and launch with 1.14 directly.

5/15/2019 1.14.1 Progress
by pilotkip at 7:43 PM (24088 Views / 8 Likes) 3 Comments
As work on map 7 nears completion, I thought I would give you all a sneak peak of what is coming. As you may have heard, our spawn will be at the bottom of the ocean this map...

...with lots of amenities, including a mall...

...a theater...

...a casino...

...a market where players can rent space...

...and a transportation hub to get to the rest of the map...

...along with many other amenities, such as a pub...

...and a nightclub called "Dante's Inferno"

All coming very soon!
by pilotkip at 5:57 AM (47842 Views / 6 Likes) 5 Comments
Howdy folks! With the upcoming 1.13 release, Mojang has completely re-written the terrain generator, making a map reset necessary. So now is time to start planning for what TimGaming will be like in Map 7.

One aspect we are planning to emphasize is a sense of Community. To this end we are going to encourage the establishment of cities. Cities will have a formal definition, such as a minimum number of members. In return, cities will receive perks, including being safe from hostile mobs. Cities will have to remain active, or lose their city status.

We also will be re-vamping the Rank system. We went the entire map 6 without a legit way to rank up and earn perks. We would like to create a new system that rewards players for doing things that benefit the server, such as playing, building, participating in the community, and recruiting new players. Unlike years past, ranks will have to be maintained, and will evaporate if players become inactive for long periods of time....