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As work on map 7 nears completion, I thought I would give you all a sneak peak of what is coming. As you may have heard, our spawn will be at the bottom of the ocean this map...

...with lots of amenities, including a mall...

...a theater...

...a casino...

...a market where players can rent space...

...and a transportation hub to get to the rest of the map...

...along with many other amenities, such as a pub...

...and a nightclub called "Dante's Inferno"

All coming very soon!
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Howdy folks! With the upcoming 1.13 release, Mojang has completely re-written the terrain generator, making a map reset necessary. So now is time to start planning for what TimGaming will be like in Map 7.

One aspect we are planning to emphasize is a sense of Community. To this end we are going to encourage the establishment of cities. Cities will have a formal definition, such as a minimum number of members. In return, cities will receive perks, including being safe from hostile mobs. Cities will have to remain active, or lose their city status.

We also will be re-vamping the Rank system. We went the entire map 6 without a legit way to rank up and earn perks. We would like to create a new system that rewards players for doing things that benefit the server, such as playing, building, participating in the community, and recruiting new players. Unlike years past, ranks will have to be maintained, and will evaporate if players become inactive for long periods of time....
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St. Notch is a Cathedral situated about 3000 meters South of Spawn. It was built by Jayrayy and Billsace. Its towering quartz pinnacles loft high into the heavens, the highest reaching 74 meters above the ground.

It is constructed primarily of stone brick with quartz, polished granite and polished diorite. Intricate windows form the clerestory, supporting the roof of the nave which is made of acacia wood. This adds a touch warmth to the structure.
The Cathedral is linked by bridge to subway station -3,0 for those wishing to visit this impressive structure. It's coordinates are X:145 Z:3886 on Map 6.
http://timgaming.com/<img src="http://gen.sendtric.com/countdown/4e5cmg41ok" style="display: block;" />
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Greetings ghouls and goblins! Halloween is almost upon us. Join us on October 29th at 2:30pm Eastern Time for a Halloween Event!

Try try your luck digging up graves... will you be cursed, or find fortune?

There's been a murder! Pit your wits against one another to see which team will be the first to solve this awful crime.

Finally, race for your life on horseback as you wind your way through the haunted forest. Will you make it out alive?

Prizes and frights await all who come! See you there!
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Timcraft now has an official discord server.

For those that use discord and/or are interested in it! Well here you go!

This will be a good source for anyone to talk with other players without having to use skype or even ventrilo. Of course the vent server will always be available for those who wish to use that instead.

What will be on the discord server?
  • Text chatter for those that still prefer text chat
  • Voice Chat of course Multiple channels! Including limited 2,3,5 only channels! As well as project channels!
  • Issue Reporting text channel. Report your issues and well know quickly! (Faster...