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TimGaming gives you the ability to change what visitors are allowed to do in your protections using Region Flags.

Region Flags allowed by Beginners

Flag Description Default
build All members and owners will be able to build normally without changing this flag, do not change it. This flag overrides all region build checks. Deny always takes precedence over allow. If you simply want to protect a region, you don't have to touch this flag. By default no one can build in a region until you use addowner/addmember to add a player to the region. N/A
chest-access Allow or block the player from opening chests, furnaces, and other containers in a region Deny
ice-melt Allow or block ice from melting in an area. Allow
interact Everything that involves ‘using’ a block or entity: Whether doors, levers, etc. (but not inventories) can be used.

Whether inventories can be accessed. Whether vehicles (including animals) can be mounted. etc.

passthrough Use allow to have this region treated as a region that doesn't check build permission (use this to make simple no-PVP, etc. zones). N/A
sleep Allow or block players from entering beds. Allow
snow-melt Allow or block snow from melting in an area. Allow
use Allow or block the ability to use doors, buttons, pressure plates, levers, etc Allow
vehicle-destroy Allow or block the ability to remove vehicles Deny
vehicle-place Allow or block the ability to place vehicles Deny
farewell Message to show a player when they leave a region. Unset
greeting Message to show a player when they enter a region. Unset