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by timsandtoms at 9:06 PM (14734 Views / 1 Likes) 269 Comments
There has been a lot of questions and misinformation regarding the 1.3 update. This topic will aim to clear all that up, and get you all up to date on what we'll be adding and changing.

When will the server update to 1.3?
A few things need to happen before we can update. First, Bukkit needs to have a build out for 1.3. Bukkit is the server software that enables us to use plugins. That should be ready on the 1st or the 2nd. Then, we need to wait for our core, crucial plugins to be updated and working. That should take around 3 days.
Should we update our clients to 1.3?
That's up to you. If you update, you'll either need to switch back to the 1.2.5 minecraft.jar when you want to play on TimGaming, or wait for us to update before you can play again. Most servers won't be up to date for a few days, so I would suggest not updating until we do. You'll know we've updated because when you try to connect, it will tell you your client is out of date. If you update to 1.3, you...
by PurelySatanic at 11:59 PM (937 Views / 0 Likes) 16 Comments
First of all, I'd like to say that we're well on our way to making a much better spawn town than we've ever had before and we're making significant progress on it every day. The extra help from or4ng3, pupps90, and TCNC aids us a lot in getting things done quickly.

I'm making this post specifically to address the comments of "When is the server going to be updated to 1.3?"
Well, hopefully this post by EvilSeph will provide some insight into when you can expect to see us updating.*

That's all for now folks.

* We will also have wait time associated with plugins updates, although these should be minimal in comparison to Bukkit itself.
by PurelySatanic at 2:14 AM (2093 Views / 0 Likes) 33 Comments
Hello Timcraft, I've tallied all the results using my automagical program and have come to the conclusion that some of you have too much time on their hands.

In other news, I have the winners here for the 'Timcraft Spawn Contest'.

Voting: or4ng3
Mining: TCNC
PVP: pupps90

The winners will be rewarded with a forum badge, a spawn lot, 100k, and granted access to the spawn server to help us build*

Congratulations to all of you, and thanks for making this one of the best competitions we've held.

Below are the PDF's with all the scores inside. Feel free to take a look.

Overall: Click Here
Voting: Click Here
Mining: Click Here
PVP: Click Here

*You will only be whitelisted while I am online, and you will have to be willing to follow...
by PurelySatanic at 6:40 PM (543 Views / 1 Likes) 4 Comments
For those of you participating in the ongoing contest, I want to let you know that it'll be coming to a close at the end of the 24th of July.

The players that have won will then be announced the following day, and when we have made all the arrangements, they'll be given access to the spawn server. You'll be under my strict watch, and you'll only be whitelisted while I'm logged in.
by PurelySatanic at 4:10 PM (1627 Views / 0 Likes) 24 Comments
I'm just going to start an open discussion here on the site for what you, the players, want to see with 1.3.

Nothing is promised to be added or changed, but having this discussion at least gives us an idea of where you want the server to go.

Please format your suggestions as follows:

Plugin: <name>
Link: <link>
Description: <short description of plugin, if it's a plugin we already have, describe what you want changed>

(If you do a long description, please put a tl;dr at the end because I'm kind of a bitch and hate to read wall-o-texts)

If you want to suggest a change unrelated to a plugin, please format it in a completely legible way, that's short and gets to the point. Otherwise I'll ignore it.