1. Trying to use the shop? Use /shop tutorial in-game for a quick overview. Visit here for a command overview.
  2. Keep in mind our server keeps running because of players like you! Be kind and vote for us!


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I just upgraded the website to Xenforo's new version 1.1.3 as well as updated the Minecraft theme template.

If anything seems odd/different/not working please post in here.
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Now that we've got that covered... With 1.3 coming, and changing up the map generation code again, the time has come that we could probably use another map reset! Our first map ran from February 15th, 2011, to September 15th, 2011, a total of 7 months. Our current map has run from September 15th until now, a total of over 10 months! Since then, the map has gotten very crowded, and it's good to start fresh once in a while!

Don't worry! None of your buildings will be lost! We'll keep it around, just like we did with the 1.7 map(And we'll actually put it up RIGHT AWAY this time! Promise!)! Here are the details on exactly what will be happening. If you were here for the 1.7 -> 1.0 transition, then you'll remember how that went, this will be very similar to that!

  • First, we're giving everyone plenty of notice. We don't want to surprise people by having...
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Well, now that I'm satisfied with the state of the new Subway System I can now give you a guide as to how it works.


/subway help
/subway search <region>
/subway list

Help: This is self explanatory, details in a much shorter version what I'll be talking about here.

Search: This command requires you to enter the name of a WorldGuard protection. The command is case sensitive. Once you've entered a WorldGuard protection it'll give you the closest active Subway Station to it.

List: This will list all the Subway Stations that have a unique code that identifies them. How to use these will be explained below.

Non-donor Users:

To use the Subway as a non-donor is simple, you enter the subway departure area and you click on one of the buttons leading North,East,South,West, etc. Once you've done this you press the "Go" button located overhead and you'll be sent on your way.

Donor Users:

This gets a little tricky and hopefully...
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Main server:
  • Added a plugin that protects, Chickens, Cows, Iron Golems, Mooshrooms, Ocelots, Pigs, Sheep, Snowmen, Villager, and Wolves from players not on the region. That means that, if you protect it, no one can kill your mooshroom farm. A huge thanks to boar401s2 for making this for us!
  • Tweaked our anti-cheating software to reduce server load.
  • Reenabled the mob capture plugin. This one actually happened a while back, but I forgot to post it.
Hardcore server:
  • Added LagMeter. You can check how well the server is running using /lag, /mem, or /lagmem. The TPS is the important bit. If you see anything below 20.0 TPS, let me know, I'll figure out what the cause is.
Also, as an aside to people on both servers, PLEASE do not let your mob spawners build up too many mobs at once! That is the biggest cause of lag we've ever had! When you end up pushing 400 mobs into a 1x1x2 space, they each try to push each other at once. When you get 2 mob in a...
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First off, YAY! We've launched the TimGaming hardcore server! Here's what it's got:

  • PVP
  • Custom terrain generation(It's freakin awesome)
  • No "hard" protections
  • A form of "soft" protections, via Citadel. You can reinforce blocks, requiring them to take additional breaks before they're destroyed(And there's a whitelist of folks you let bypass it!)
  • SimpleClans(No clan homes, PVP is disabled between members)
  • Naturally spawning giants
  • A 171*171 protected, non-PVP spawn zone.
  • A new section of the forum specifically for it(Check there for the IP).
Next up, the drama on the HC server... Here's what happened. Basically, my goal was to HOPEFULLY have a server that doesn't require very much moderation, so that I could have some time to play it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE our main server, but most of my time on it is spent MODERATING, not actually playing it, and Minecraft is a very fun game, and TimGaming is a very nice community, one that I'd like to play...