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by timsandtoms at 6:24 AM (2816 Views / 0 Likes) 33 Comments
First, some updates we've had recently that haven't been posted.
  • The mob egg plugin was removed because of players abusing glitches to change the egg types to hostile mobs.
  • The nether was reset.
  • The nether platform had the glass on top replaced to make it easier to see on and reduce lag.
  • The nether platform had trees added. I don't know why. Seemed fun.
  • Added a wall around the nether platform to prevent people popping out, swinging, and ducking back in to safety, with blocks you jump across to get back in, much like the old platform.
  • Removed a ton of excess lava around the nether platform.
  • All in all fixed the lag in the nether.
  • (This is an old one) Activated the PVP arena in spawn. To find it, spawn, and head right, towards the old spawn platform. Thank you to Elmier for designing it.
  • Stopped instant damage potions from hurting players, to prevent folks essentially spamming hand grenades in the nether. Thanks to boar401s2 for that plugin.
  • Promoted...
by timsandtoms at 5:22 AM (10749 Views / 0 Likes) 130 Comments
Last updated 5/9/2012. Please remember, hardcore does not mean that it MUST be vanilla hardcore!
So, I promised on the 1st that if you guys voted enough to keep us on at least the second page of Minecraftservers.net(HINT HINT HINT), I'd add a hardcore server. You guys have managed to do that, so we're getting a hardcore server! We just need to work out a few minor details first. It's a hardcore server, so there won't need to be much setup involved, it can go up quickly after we hammer out the details. Let's try to keep this short and to the point, and not break off into off-topic chatter. First, points that aren't really up for debate.
  • I HATE cheaters online. They ruin the game for everyone who isn't using a cheat, and generally, they're immature assholes who I wouldn't want to supply with a server to play on. I'm putting on an anti-cheating plugin.
Actually I think that's all for...
by PurelySatanic at 3:21 PM (4295 Views / 0 Likes) 55 Comments
So here's where you get to have your say in which plugin gets made. You can only vote for one and voting will close in the 22nd at noon.

camjubinville: "can u make a plugin that u can place a sign in a protection/childlot that says lot 7k but when they right click it it will take 7k from there money if they don't have enough it will say u don't have enough tims to buy. thx from -camjubinville"

timtheblue: "I propose the ability to trade earned XP for XP bottles, perhaps even with a small convenience fee. I think this should be possible without client customization, but I could be wrong. That's all!

overkiller75: "Hello, I was just thinking maybe of a random events plugin. Maybe every so often an event would happen. For instance, maybe a mob or such would appear with extra health but very rewarding drops. Maybe have and ended dragon spawn. Maybe a heat appears filled with goodies. Maybe cookies rain from the sky. Anything that would be...
by PurelySatanic at 8:56 PM (762 Views / 0 Likes) 4 Comments
Just a reminder that the "Create your own plugin!" event is ending on the 20th so make sure you get your plugin ideas in by then.

Please refer to this thread for more information: http://timgaming.com/index.php?threads/create-your-own-plugin.5164/
by timsandtoms at 8:43 PM (2588 Views / 0 Likes) 33 Comments
Thanks to another of PurelySatanic's wonderful plugins, you can now actually CATCH mobs! Now, if you throw a regular egg at a passive, non-tamed mob, you have a small chance of actually catching it! If you succeed, the mob will vanish, and a mob egg will appear in it's place. Now, of course, there are some caveats. It won't work on mooshrooms, we wanted to keep those a challenge to get. Also, if you catch a colored sheep, it gives you a regular mob egg, so the sheep that spawns won't be colored anymore.

EDIT: Temporarily disabled due to players abusing bugs in the plugin.