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If you feel this community, and the history contained in its worlds are worth preserving, then please consider becoming a A Friend of TimGaming!
All new and existing members are encouraged to join our discord channel. So come and check out our join our Discord server!

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Welcome to TimGaming!

TimGaming is MineCraft server that is focused on building a strong in-game community. Many lasting friendships have been forged here.

New Users are encouraged to visit our BeginnersGuide and join our Discord server.


TimGaming was created by timsandtoms in February 15, 2011.

Worlds and their launch dates

World Launch Date MC Update at Launch
I February 15, 2011 Beta 1.3
II September ??, 2011 Adventure Update
III November 6, 2012 Pretty Scary Update
IV October 28, 2013 The Update that Changed the World
V February 17, 2015 Bountiful Update
VI September 24, 2016 Frostburn Update
VII December 2, 2018 Update Aquatic
VIII December 21, 2022 Caves & Cliffs: Part II

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